So here we are.  Another year, another turn around the ascension…or karmic…wheel, depending on where you are in your depolarization process.  For those who have been at this for a minute or many (lifetimes) 2018 holds the extraordinary potential (activation codes) to birth the embodiment of our inner masculine-feminine union.

As we find this necessary m-f balance within, so too will we will learn to master life in union with The Force of life itSelf.

This month we are already finding that mastering the mystery requires a solid, steady & practical approach to our Sourcery.  Discerning the delicate balance between allowing what IS to BE (feminine) & participating with that BEingness (masculine) is the higher/deeper level skill that this 11 year (2+0+1+8=11) asks of those unifying in divine (m-f) partnership (2+0+1+8=1+1= 2).

Currently we are still integrating the impressive flood of cosmic energies bringing in the new year and because this extraordinarily & celestially powerful month has been so transitional, it’s not been easy to navigate.  We are vacillating between the blank-slate-state (VOID), and embracing our creatorship…seemingly by the hour.  This will balance out as we get a handle on our new abilities and employ them in conjunction with the potent energies we have to work with this year.

In addition to the new year integrations (and solar amplifications) the lunar energies are also intensifying as we build toward the full moon eclipse (1/31) where we will be thrust into yet another phase of change spurred from the release of some incredibly ancient blocks.

For the moment, while we are still getting acquainted with the new, we must continue to do our part (like any new relationship) to withhold any personal projections, be-lie-fs, and/or expectations around 2018…at least until we begin to remember what our soul has in store for us this year.

And this will become more obvious soon as we unroll the first set of new plans from our divine blueprint, the coordinates and overall framework with which to build our new structures for the new life that will come into being over the next 2-3 years. To do that we must continue to embody & express our authentic (divine) nature and come fully into alignment with the True (second) Life we came here to live.

Because of that, and over the next 11 months, we will all be challenged to grow in new, but necessary ways…to merge human with divine law as we weave our diamond light frequencies into society, creating a new multidimensional platform for the physical expression of the higher life we are longing for & working to establish here.

To do this requires participation at every level of our being.  We must 1) spiritually aspire to our Highest Plan for this life (divine blueprint), 2) mentally organize, order & assemble that vision according to a practical set of steps, 3) maintain emotional neutrality as we channel forth the frequencies of the Eden Template and 4) physically act upon each and every motivation born of the (high) Heart.

This process is no longer about giving our intentions away to a universe that will support us in our achieving our aims, but BEing the YOUniverse of support we need to achieve our aims, and our life will continually call to us this place of practical mastery this year.

Ultimately, 2018 wants to help us to bring every level of ourselves into ONE unified expression so that we can birth a new, empowered experience of Self on earth.  To that end, we will be asked over and again to apply our learnings to life as we acquire new skills of mastery over ourselves against the backdrop of “other”.

It is time to apply our new relationship with Self to the world at large.

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