We are clearly in an unprecedented time. I know that, in the parlance of our times (hail to The Dude), that statement is largely overused but we are truly in such unchartered territory. And it feels it. There is so much change taking place beneath the surface that is begging to be born in the world of form and while that might feel very far away at the moment, the birth of our higher plan/purpose begins this year, this spring in fact.

Currently, while submerged deep in the Piscean seas, we don’t have much footing or traction but the floodgates to the intuitive realms have definitely opened and so much information/instruction is coming thru the veil highlighting the new direction changes spurred from our divine blueprints.

As this information presents it becomes strikingly clear where we need to redirect our focus, but it’s like turning a huge liner around in the middle of the ocean…it takes time, diligence and effort and so we need to be patient for a bit longer.   As challenging as it can be to make any real headway in Pisces, it can also be a very inwardly productive and creative time with access to far reaching potentials…like existentially far 😳.  Then, once we dry out our wings under the Aries sun we can take flight at the astrological new year and put our newly-born passions in action.

After 9 weeks of nonstop expansion, we are all ready to birth something brand new.  We have been stretched…and stretched…and stretched to move beyond the deepest and most familiar ruts of limitation, those that we have unconsciously created for ourselves in causality.  Now…beginning with the full moon (in Virgo) this week…we reach a significant culmination point that will serve to bring much of our personal eclipse journey to a head as well as to set in motion the new year curriculum.

This reads like a bit of a breakout moment that will free up a lot of life force that has been blocked in our bodies for weeks.  We’ve excavated so much discordant body memory since the year began in order to carve out more space for diamond light/Truth to enter…the process of which can bring up so much density and literally weigh us down with sluggishness and fatigue from all the heavy emocean we’ve been processing.

By that standard, February was not an easy month (by any means) but compared to January, one of THE most power-packed months we have yet to experience, it felt like a bit of a breather.  It’s been still…sleepy…void-ish…but we definitely needed the space to integrate all that took place prior.

In March, which is looking much more harmonious, we will be grateful (retrospectively) for the inner-time we had….we will see (indisputably) that upon entering the final corridor of the eclipse cycle each of us has been indelibly altered and how such profound alterations cannot be undone for they are now revealing our spiritual core, tearing away the remaining illusion to disclose the Truth of who we have always, eternally been.

For those who made the ascent to heaven’s door, we now begin the descent back down that same stairway to heaven, to return to the land of living…to bring a unique piece of Home to earth.  As we do, we will find nirvana anchoring within us now, never to leave or part ways with us again.  With that anchoring we will finally be fully equipped to begin what is being called “the doing phase of ascension”…poised to create Utopia in our world, in the world as our own version of heaven meets the many inspired creations that await us there.

Heaven’s doorway, once opened, will never again shut upon us…we are free to enter and exit this state at will…yet experiencing this in physicality, maintaining this, will be a large part of our mastery this year.

Our new level learning begins at season’s end.

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