Now that the feminine principle of Life is finding Her liberated physical expression, it is time to bring the masculine principal into balance to begin co-creating with brand new potentials. To do this effectively is to unleash the raw expression of our primordial power while also honoring the sacred Force of Life in all things.

With the highly anticipated Uranus ingress into Taurus (on 5/15)…what my Sources call “a pivotal turning point for the planet”…we have a real chance at finding this balance as all of life on Earth heads for some necessary, r-evolutionary changes.  Liberation is the name of this new game and we are feeling every inch of it.

One by one we are breaking the chains that bind us, learning to give way to the spontaneousness of spirit within as our higher Self guides and prompts us in every now moment to shift our values to something greater, something more aligned, something much more fulfilling. Our newfound freedom from (mental) slavery is opening brand new doors, forbidding fear to keep us locked into any unwanted situation while the realization of our True Self liberates us from all the expired, self-imposed restrictions.  We are finally willing to see thru the illusion at all costs.

Our willingness to see the full Truth opens us up to the second of two distinct stages of Self realization…the first one ends once we liberate ourselves, the second stage begins as we turn our focus outward, (re)connecting with the social world to carry out our Creative purpose in life, our higher/planetary level Service.

This is where many currently are…pivoting from bondage to emancipation which aligns us with our inherent Creatorship capacity, our ability to mold life thru divine manifestation.  It’s true that we are no longer bound by burden, conditioning, expectations, hardships or suffering, but to open to new potentials and more importantly, to anchor them into our daily lives we have to enact them…we have to move into life to test our learning, to prove our abilities to ourself thru our relationships with others and the world around us.  This will become even more important the second half of 2018.

Suddenly…well after decades, lifetimes even 🤔…we are no longer phase-locked in any reality program which means every place, every moment we hold ourselves back from our limitless nature (fall back into habitual, lower mind responses) we come up against incredible tension forcing us to choose again, to choose higher.

Because of this we are having to pay close attention, to apply our new perspective without filters, to truly see what every moment means from this new vantage point…to honestly assess our reflection thru the mirror of our mastery, by way of this universal 11 year.   As we do, we continue to bring all unresolved contradictions (polarities) and tensions under command by examining, altering, rewriting any/all self-destructive patterns…inevitably redirecting the course of our lives, opening the personal pathway to New Earth.  (more in next section ⇊)

Each time we reroute our old responses to life (safety mechanisms), we withdraw more life force from the old matrix and reallocate it to the New…each forward moving step we courageously take, we find the next rise to meet us.  Slowly but surely this builds our confidence as we gain the ability to empower ourselves in ways never before possible.

In the process we are releasing some really long standing patterns of oppression…evidenced both personally & collectively…freeing ourselves in ways we have only dreamed of until now. And as we open up new space within, miracles are making themselves known…only they feel more normal than miraculous once we have aligned ourcellves with the miraculousness of Life Itself.  

Between now and the June solstice our focus remains on the release of mental conditioning, simultaneously planting our future, our “second Life”, thru this indescribably fertile time where every moment holds heightened potential to create the genesis for a new world.  Akin to hydroseeding, those embodying are sowing a whole slurry of seeds for brand new Life…germinating at warp speed.

This equates to an unprecedented opportunity to shift into the next cycle of remembrance, to release ourselves from the expired (karmic) contracts that upheld the old and turn our attention to focus solely on the new…without the usual roadblocks. It is a time to remain open to the possibilities, to be willing to try new things…to start over if need be.

It’s time to bring Life to its full potential. 

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