As we wobble out of both the Mercury & Mars retrogrades respectively…and after three life-changing eclipses to boot…it’s relatively safe to say that we are now moving into a pretty extensive turn-around period.

After nearly three months of patiently observing and nurturing the Mother of our (core/inner child) wounding…specifically where those wounds meet our physicality…and while fully present to the extraordinary cosmic & celestial midwife mechanism assisting us all to birth New Life, we now move into a necessary adjustment period.  We are only just beginning to reorient our life force as the flow of energy shifts from the internal to external world and this is bringing relative shifts to our consciousness that we need to be fully present to at this time.

We’ve spent several weeks without solid footing and so its no accident that we begin our new journey with the support of the earthy Virgo sun which will help us to graciously find our feet again. This will be quite a boon as we exit the corridor of a lifetime…quite literally in that we are walking out of our old skins, releasing ourselves from the final degrees of suffering, and simultaneously stepping into our new/True skins.

Those pioneering the New World consciousness have spent the last six years (from 2012 onward) in utter dedication to expunging every expired aspect of the lower self from the matrix of human survival and now, in the final quarter of 2018 we prepare to transition to a new evolutionary spiral born of the Sacred Trinity.

For those who did the (inner) work to clear the way forward it is time to bring our physicality beyond duality, to draw from the limitless supply of life force available and needed to brave new lives from the blueprint of our pre-created plan.  This now becomes possible thru what’s known as triangulation…or the trinitization of Creation.

Up until now/this moment/this year, our wholehearted focus was on bringing ourselves into divine feminine-masculine balance…now/this moment/next year the focus turns to developing the Trinity principal…living the divine inner child (out loud), Creating as LOVE.

Our new journey involves constructing a real life in complete harmony with, and extension of our True Selves.  Not to be confused with the karmic life we (also) created to play out our reclamation journey, this (second) life is the result of synthesis…the balance point of our male-female/internal-external/human-divine energies born of the consecration of the Mystical Marriage that kicked off back in March/April.

If you can’t remember back that far…and who can…the Mystical Marriage (of the lower & higher self) initiates the immaculate conception and gives rise to the divine Mother (principal) in each of us so that we can gestate, birth and nourish the Holy Child within.

This trinitization process has been playing-out/building-up/gestating all year long…was turbo charged thru the great eclipse trinity, and now…those who have consummated their inner union are preparing to give birth to the sacred third entity, the rememberment of GOD embodied.

This is our ULTIMATE mission here on earth, to model the triangulation principal…to BE the Trinity.  To embody the carefree child (Son) of GOD who creates thru the inner spark of life (force) and to deliver those creations to the world guided by the unionization of our inner Holy Parents.

We are setting the stage for THE life we came to Create, and as with every cycle of new/true creation, that begins with a feeling. ⇊

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