We are completing a month of epic endings, finalizing wayward aspects of our past selves in order to qualify for the vibrant new beginnings we’ve painstakingly gestated during the last 9 months of this incredible, yet deeply challenging year of the Mystical Merger/Alchemical Marriage.

Each of us in our way, and based on our own timeline, have been moving thru…facing, feeling, healing…THE wound (and all subsequent wounding) that has prevented us from actualizing our full potential in the physical world.  In many cases we have transmuted-transformed-transcended this root karmic dynamic, but now…and all the way thru to the September equinox of 2019…it is time to integrate that transcension into the our physical lives → thru the ultimate synthesis.

Last season’s triple eclipses + intensive retrograde cycles have paved the pathway for this transcension thru the clearing of so much density (karmic residue) in our physical selves & lives.  As of the 9/9 new moon, we are reborn into in a whole new way of being, reoriented to full Truth which will now enable us to weave our (diamond) light thru every aspect of our lives.

All that relentless clearing work has finally made way for a new inner authority that will empower us to surmount any remaining obstacles one by one…to rise up and challenge/confront any expired creations born of the illusion, and shift wholly to the new trajectories that are right now becoming available to us all.

For some, this month has amounted to THE death of ALL deaths that leads to THE birth of ALL births…the (hu)manifestation of our Divinity in form.  And just like it sounds, this particular round of death → no. joke. 😳  Clearly those on the mastery path have already died a thousand deaths at this point, so erm…we have death d.o.w.n.  We die like it’s our job. Cuz, well, it is our job.  And yet, nothing IMHO, has compared to or felt more final than the month-long death episode that has been this entire month of September…the month we met our convergence point.

To ascend beyond the karmic cycles of reincarnation we must literally “survive death”…die while alive…and that is what this month offered those prepared, in entirety. The irony is that for years and y e a r s  we have been  d-y-i-n-g  to LIVE…but the reality of a physical ascension is that first, we all live to die. We must die to our identity (personal & social), our past, our creations & contributions, our relationships and finally the BIGGIE→ to the whole illusion of life AND death (ironically) in order to be reborn into the next level of Life.

September is always a (9) month of endings & beginnings/deaths & births but this year is so critical to our becoming that there has been an underlying urgency to really “get it right” this time, to absolutely not fall back into habitual reactions and core (wound) patterns, and to let go on the deepest of levels.

To achieve that, each of us have (seemingly) been pulled back into our old ways, selves & lives in order to anchor the finality of “no-return” from within that space…to thread the higher/divine principals into those places we have (as yet) been unable to.

This has meant revisiting those freshly cauterized wounds from the summer (winter) months, not to reopen them, but to lay new structures from within that space…to ground our divinity so deeply into the recently amended soils of The Garden that our sacred seeds for new Life can finally germinate by the light of our own internal Sun.

Next spring, when our Divine Truth begins rooting in the physical world, we will begin tending to the Holy Crops of Triality consciousness…developing new skillsets to build the lasting and stable structures of the completely authentic Life we came here to live.

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