We are moving thru another powerful period packed with new energies that are here to sever even more cords with duality, both on a personal and collective level.  Disclosures and revelations (both macro & micro) are the new normal and continue to alter the heartscape of humanity…providing many with a growing capacity to leave the tried & true behind, in search of very new seas.

This 11/4 month of November will reveal even more Truth as we come full circle in this universal 11/2 year of mirrored mastery…of mastering ourSelf in relation to the other, and the world around us.  We will also be moving thru some potent triple 11 gateways that will serve to bring us to new heights within ourselves as the focus of our personal mastery shifts to the newly acquired Core Creation Self.

The good news is that after having spent nearly an entire year in the throes of some hard core karmic rebalancing…initiated by the ongoing alchemical marriage of inner union…I am hearing that many are now poised for release from the underworld, from the entrapment of untold cycles in separation.

This release comes at the tail end of so much self discovery and yet, we haven’t even begun to unravel the Truth of our diamond core…to reveal the real essence of our authentic, multifaceted nature.  What comes next is a bit of a surprise for us all, for we have no real concept of what lies ahead…and yet, we Know within the deepest recesses of our being that what we can’t yet see is by far the most real of all.

The lingering uncertainty has made for some wildly confusing months/moments…not knowing which way to go, why or how to access our creativity, inspiration or motivation…but this is because we are creating new templates and pathways for permanence.  It’s a perplexing process and one that continues to demand our dedication and patience as we open to these new realms of (triality) creation.

As we work our way thru the remaining days of this month/year we need to keep perspective, to remember that these new pathways have never been created before which is why we still don’t have a solid footing here.  We ARE those pathways and we are still learning how to BE the Force…to become ONE with the Force of Life itSelf in order to create at this new level.  And there is definitely a learning curve.

Part of that learning curve is tempering a necessary balance between the conflicting impetus to create anew, without yet knowing/feeling exactly how or why.  This contradiction results from the incoming energy of the new year overlaying the energy of this current year…creating a kind of push me-pull you effect.

It will get easier as we move more fully into the new creation space.  For now (and the rest of this year) we are being asked to simply take it all in…to observe the new energies, and practice participating with them in preparation for their full manifestation in 2019.

Next year…when we establish our Core Creation Self in the physical world…the real fun begins!

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