Inborn & Starborn: the new human prototypes

This month of triple 11 gateways marks the completion of a major cycle that began last year between the 12/12 to 12/21/17 solstice and 1/1/18…a mega-intensive portal opening which welcomed a deluge of diamond codes that rained down on Earth all year long fortifying us to become rock solid in our resilience for the years that will follow…years that will bring bigger change to the world around us.

All summer (winter in the south) long we’ve been working toward this completion point and the November energies have been helping us each day to arrive at our personal full circle moment…to step out of the space that we’ve been inhabiting (for eons) and cross over to the new trajectory that presented thru the 11/11 gateway.

After years (lifetimes) of growing toward the light, we are now in the process of rooting that energy in preparation to bloom with the unique beauty of our soul’s Truth…our authentic spiritual essence.  And since this is a universal 4 month, there has also been a substantial focus on bringing mastery to those important structures in our lives that require an overhaul so that we can successfully ground our new creations in 2019.

This may have meant rearranging some foundational elements of life (or thinking) in order to arrive at the next step/level of embodiment, which the Elohim have revealed to me as our merger with planetary consciousness…the opening of inner-stargate portals to align our personal life force→ with planetary life Force→ with Universal Life Force.

As November draws to a welcome close and we continue the necessary (and challenging) integration of these reality-shifting energies…which btw, is why these reports usually come at the end of the month→ so I/you/we can first embody & experience the energies before I report on my receivings…we are also beginning to open to the liberation of the new Creation energies as we simultaneously bring to an end one of the most challenging years/cycles of initiation ever for first embodiers.  It’s as if every year/initiation of expansion (since 1999) re-presented itself ALL in the same year for some kind of twisted grand finale finish.  Not cool.

In one way or another we are all coming to a very new, very foreign, untapped place within where we may be questioning with greater clarity…what the %!&# was all that for??, and/or…now what??  Tho the full answers aren’t fully available yet (🍻 Mercury rx) these are good questions to be asking nonetheless as we prepare to move onto a whole new/next level rung of the unknown.

Since the preview of the 2019’s energies began in October (and compliments of Venus rx) we have been busy reviewing important (karmic) themes…cycles & dynamics…that we thought we had long resolved, but alas! we have all been called to again bring light to the deepest levels of those ancient ancestral roots, in order to make room for the integration of our future (galactic) Self.  NOTE: In some cases, these revisits are/have been for the totality of the ascending collective…not always or necessarily just personal.

The messages I have been receiving are that we entered a new timeline this month and that we are currently shifting out of both our past human and galactic trajectories in order build brand new, never before created, Creations….which is why there is absolutely NO dipping into the (karmic) past to create the future, and why nothing ‘already created’ seems to please us any longer.  That life→officially ova.

Not easy to step into this new space while old circumstances keep continually calling us backward, however…the key to this amazingly powerful month of mastery has been to persistently keep the perspective that we are not repeating these cycles necessarily, but rewriting them.  Many of us have arrived at the next/higher level of the spiral which requires revisiting these places within so we can finally-fully heal them…so that we can weave our diamond light from within those wounded places too difficult to fully face until now.  And then move beyond them.

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