2019: Finding Your True North

Happy New Year! 🎊🎉 We even if barely survived 2018 which means 1) we get to live to tell the horrors tale…and 2) now we will finally get some perspective on what that enormous, year-long cleansing was all about.

In 2018…a universal 11/2 year…we spent every day/month mastering the mirror, diligently and repetitively reclaiming our power thru the reflections of “other and the world around us” so that we could bring our feminine and masculine forces of Self into complete balance in preparation to conceive, gestate & birth the Core Creation Self → the sacred Trinity born of our merged divinity → triality born of duality.

It was definitely a no holds barred, sink-or-swim kind of year and in one way or another we all threw ourselves into the deep end (sans floatation device) to determine exactly what that outcome would amount to. For some, 2018 was a year of breakthrus, connections and forward-moving momentum.  For others, it was a year of tremendous inner-exertion and strengthening…a long-distance race that didn’t let up for a moment, continually testing our endurance and resolve to receive the totality of ourselves in physical form.

For those on the physical/biological ascension path, the overriding purpose of 2018 was to anchor our Truth into the physical structures of our lives in order to create “the safe space for the Holy Child (the 3d aspect of the Trinity) to be born”…weaving  our (diamond) light within and around, balancing and equalizing the (m-f) Forces ‘on earth as it is in heaven’ to make way for our most prized co-creation.

And now, here we collectively stand…at the precipice of not just any new beginning, but THE new beginning that aligns with our FULLy cosmic-human nature.  We are readying to rediscover the whole of our multidimensional Self, integrated as ONE.

First step → our physical bodies must become our sanctuary. We must build our first Home/Template/Temple…the “Church within”…(in the physical) so that our inner (Holy) child feels safe to PLAY in the world again.  This (creative) aspect of Self longs for its independence within the body, wants to live in complete freedom, but needs the security of its fortified nest on earth…the structure and support of this new level Self…to do so.

In 2019…a universal 12/3 year…we are being invited to step into this Temple (new level of Self) that we so diligently prepared for. We are being asked to first become the new in order to create the new pathways for all others…pathways never created before.  For those at the ready, this means merging our personal life force with the planetary life force this year…that which of course is guided by THE Force of life itSelf.

The more we do…the more we engage with the life force within the body AND within the planetary body…the more our lives will flow with the everyday miracles that created them…but moving our bodies into and with life will be key to creating it at this level.  This is a year where “moving in order to move” is no longer optional for New Human prototypes.

And so all year long will be asked to consistently step up/into life and to creatively express our authentic individuality in order to complete the journey (12) at the physical level (3). Three is a very forward moving (masculine) energy that embodies the creative inner child (our true Creative power), the Holy Trinity…our ability to overcome duality by marrying our inner-opposites.  It is the triad, the triangle/triangulation, the energy of birth, manifestation & synthesis. 

This is our year to manifest the template for sacred/trinity Creation “on Earth as it is in Heaven” which means reintroducing the (higher) masculine principles of creation (active, expanding, doing, giving energies) in order to resurrect our physical lives…to reorganize and balance our creativity in a way that truly lends to our permanence here.  These pure, passion-filled energies will be paramount to our success in the New World as they renew our devotion to begin again…but will require our commitment and ongoing patience to lay the groundwork for the “constructive (divine) order” necessary to rebuild our lives and the new (Earth) systems needed to sustain them.

According to my Sources, there is a whole new level of light now available on this planet to make possible the impossible.  Our jump-off point→1/5 new moon + partial solar eclipse.  Obviously this 12/3 year can hardly wait to get moving as it is setting us up (from GO) with the YOUniversal support to orchestrate the first manifestation of these extra-ordinary impossibilities → Our True North.

1-2-3…here we go!

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