Holy Season: the return to higher will

Now that the longest retrograde of our entire lives has finally ended we are beginning to connect some very important dots as Mercury retraces his shadow (until April 16th).  We are slowly starting to make sense of all of the upheaval from recent revelations and as these new lightbulbs turn on, their collective luminescence is highlighting an entirely new map with the brand new coordinates of the Heaven on Earth Era we are entering.  Our divine blueprints are also beginning to dominate our lifescape and as they do, they will reveal more of the plan for the creation of our True (second) lives.

March in all its usual madness made sure that we sat with the discomfort of any lower mental processing still inhibiting access to that Higher life plan via Mercury’s retrograde in Pisces, the equinox corridor and the Libra full moon…add to that all the trinity (manifestation) energies of the 3 month (in a 3 year) and whoa donkey 😰…it was a 4-week long rite of passage.

Those choosing the New Earth experience were presented with major personal choice-points heralding our liberation from the lower masculine matrix last month…what seemed like a minefield of potentially explosive, no-win scenarios were really exit points, new-higher choices calling us to step up to new-higher timelines. The illusions were thick and easy to be-lie-ve at points, but it was our many years of mastery that determined how well we navigated those muddy waters…if we were able to stay connected to our soul Truth while our minds were clouded over in those distortions created from such purposeful mental fog.

The name of this new game is definitely TRUST→ in transcendence.  We are being repeatedly asked to trust again…to keep our hearts open…to not react OR shut down emotionally when phantom triggers of past programming present.  Over and again we are being called to create the all-important third (triality) option, to pave the neutral neural pathway that accepts all outcomes, but while consciously choosing the one that serves the highest good…the one that unifies both polarities (extremes) to birth a whole new reality.

Integrating these new options means embracing opportunities to stand in our authority, to speak our truth without backing down…but also without getting defensive. The merger of our inner-Parents ensures a unified front which means we no longer have a need to attack others OR apologize for our feelings…we are learning how to craft our outer expression to honor what we are truly feeling on the inside, so that the two remain in constant balance.  This is how we live the purity of the Holy Child essence out loud, by holding ourselves AND others in our Hearts, honoring our soul choices but in a way that sees/supports those around us to do the same→aka, without emotional attachment.

And so…if we’ve done the inner work…we simply need to stay anchored in the Higher (resonance) now, as the lower grapples with its own inevitable demise.

That is not to say it’s always “easy”…transcendence requires enormous mental discipline, fortitude, courage and a solid sense of sovereignty to defy the gravitational laws of 3D.  BUT…for those who are able to choose the quiet, stable voice of the Heart (soul) over the LOUD lower mind in all it’s familiar, repetitive antics…we have officially forged access to the new, higher coordinates via a brand new connection to the advanced Higher processor→the merged High Heart-Mind communication system.

The activation of this processor was a requisite to enter and create from the New Earth frequencies and from that activation onward, everything is different. This month we begin the process of putting the pieces back together again…in right, higher, universally constructive order.

It is time to solidify our True foundation.

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