Divine Masculine & The New Creation Story

May…May…May….🤔 Another doozy in its own right, adding to the trifecta of 3 major months of progressive purging, BUT…all that releasing (at the personal levels) successfully lifted our collective vibration high enough for a major jump onto a new timeline last month.  Well done team! 🏆 We collectively set in motion a remarkable global shift into a planetary ascension matrix that, for those at the forefront of this shift, places us onto an even more accelerated embodiment path…what is presented as the “passing lane” (or maybe the HOV lane) on a highway.

The contractions leading to the culmination of these jumps are relentless.  Last month amounted to very deep foundation-level clearing & anchoring…clearing the family/ancestral tree in order to seed (anchor) our new potentials AS the Tree of Life (our own Divine Template) at the inception point of our lives & core wounding.  This is everything…planting the template for our divine genetics in place of our karmic genetics means we can begin again, in a body-on Earth, to recreate our lives from our original plan.

At this point the seeding of the True architecture of our multidimensional Self becomes our second inception point...the official start of our Second Life→ a TOTAL rewrite of consciousness, from the beginning again.  Once our Tree of Life takes root, it begins its new/natural/organic cycle of growth and evolution, no longer bound to or fed from the artificial reality matrix/template, which enables us to begin drawing our True sustenance from the True template.

To achieve this, we have to continue to liberate ourselves from old template dynamics, and so May was really pushing us all to release the struggle. The truth is that war is over, there is no more fight…BUT, we aren’t exactly accustomed to it yet and so some involuntary recoiling is normal while we disentangle and learn to trust again.  This thread of trust must now be consciously woven thru our whole life…trusting that we are safe to soften, to be emotionally vulnerable even AS the lower masculine/patriarchal forces dismantle in and around us (hello Mars in Cancer until 7/1).

In June, opportunities abound for new choices, to begin to take baby steps into new life with our newborn Selves…enacting our new Templates and thereby dismantling the old thru each & every empowered action we take.  In some cases this means moving in the direction of our (now expired) fears, but while staying open and TRUSTING in our awakening Divine Masculine aspect to guide and support us.

This isn’t about clearing as much as carving out the new neural pathways, building the plane (template) while in flight.  And as these new structures are being built in our lives, new things are being asked of us…beginning with the need to surrender control, disable our protection mechanisms, let our guard down.

After a whole life of inadvertently fighting/resisting/protecting ourselves from “wrong doings”, we are now being asked to flip the script, to TRUST that things are different in order to make it so…and to no longer shut down/close our Heart’s/leave our bodies in the interim.  To Create As LOVE is to elicit that trust first from within in order to enable the reality in which that is true…it is in our willingness to trust that we shift any dynamic to a trustworthy one.  This work is pressing and we are being called, somewhat aggressively, to take the leap of faith required to move beyond ALL trappings of the dualistic mind.

Emancipating ourselves from that insidious trap of illusion (where we circle around, unable to find the way out) can only happen at the Higher Mind level (DM), that which is merged with the Higher Heart (DF).  The Higher Mind is our ace in the hole, it is the LOVE based solution that permits us to see above & beyond the lower reality so we can stop be-lie-ving in it.

With Sun in Gemini until the solstice this will continue to be our “focus” along with dissolving any remaining emotional residue from the lower/reptilian mind…those bottom of the barrel sticky spots that build up from misaligned thoughts over time.  Gemini can be very helpful for dialing into the higher perspectives needed for that dissolution…for the compassionate detachment that we need to move INTO and not away from those demons, which by now are nothing but dust.

Solutions and resolutions are available but not without our invitation, without our openness, without renouncing what is unwelcome.  This can feel a lot like an initiation in trusting our inner-Higher Masculine to have our backs, but it doesn’t have to be.

We can preemptively choose to trust in life again…in each of those moments we couldn’t before now…assured that (if we did the work), the road will rise to meet us.

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