Welcome to the energies of July…a time of homecoming.  As in→ “Home is where the 🖤 is”.

Cancer is notoriously all things Home & Heart(h)…but with two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde (beginning in Leo), this is a month where our mental reframing kicks into high gear. After weeks of fine tuning our communications to express our authentic truth from the completely neutral place of Divine LOVE, this month offers us the ability to now rewire our internal communication network (neural pathways) to make that Higher (Heart) Self expression our new MO.

To achieve that, this month will ignite new desires that will assist in creating essential new habits that align with the New Earth-New Human Template.  Thru this conscious re-patterning process we will start to feel the nourishment from the new template seep in to encourage, guide and direct our life force toward the embodiment of our Higher Self & Life.

To that aim, the solar eclipse energies (Tuesday 7/2)…which have been powerfully building to their crescendo since the solstice…have also been accompanied by strong cosmic rays stimulating kundalini energies to rise (→ root release 😰) both within us and around the planet’s power points (felt as inner and literal heat waves).

For those who are in alignment with this wave of transformational energy…those resonating at/with the pure LOVE frequencies…this eclipse is a major completion point that will serve to sever our connection from the (lower masculine) monkey mind thereby opening to us a new capacity to think higher, neutral, LOVE-based, Heart-centered thoughts consistently enough to entrain the body and nervous system with the higher mind complex.

This mental re-patterning is what will enable the rerouting of life force that is so essential to the embodiment process…of which, I also feel to say here that never before has there been a backdrop of universal support of this magnitude to accomplish this and yet, it is in large part because of those embodying…those who are right now actualizing these new potentials…that are making this a reality for ALL.  #goteam🏆

Because of these additional reinforcements, what lies ahead of us this season is showing as a whirlwind of acceleration and (eclipse) events leading each of us in our own unique way to the onramp of our destiny…the destiny that we choose into reality, and make our world out of.

The summer months (winter down under ⇊) in general have an overarching, blessed element of empowerment & strengthening in store…a much needed boost of confidence required to go the distance, to get this new life Creation off the ground.  We will see this energy continue to build leading into the Lions Gate, assisting those who are ready to dream the new dream into being.

This theme is a continuation of the last Mercury retrograde cycle in March that, if you can remember back that far, was called “the sandbox”….specifically: “the sandbox for the emergence of new revelations, a window of exploration & play, a space to build sandcastles (and not just in the air this time!)”…only now we are moving into the vibrational space to begin constructing the framework for it.

We are growing in our capacity to create that which WE desire because it is time to bring our dreams to fruition now.  Not the repetitive creations that have taken up so much space in our subconscious mind…those that have been impressed upon us, or that we have been living out for eons trying to bring harmony and completion to those timelines in which we were unable, until now, to succeed in our missions.

Those (first life) missions end here for those at the fore and the focus now shifts to bringing ourselves into the fullness of that completion. As we eclipse the lower mind and begin bypassing/overriding the insecurity & indecision so pervasive in separation creation, we FREE ourselves to redesign our original destiny according to our divine-human blueprint.

That destiny is here NOW.  To materialize it we already have all the necessary tools…we just might need to sharpen them.

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