There is a palpable anticipation in the air as we approach 1) the New Moon in Leo (7/31), 2) Mercury turns direct, and 3) the eclipse portal closes…the entire trinity of which officially heralds the completion of the old earth template.

Because of that, this week will amount to a major release point…by which I fully expect whiplash from the slingshot effect of being catapulted into life at warp speed from the sheer tension of being pulled so far back (inward) to now be flung so far forward (outward) into these accelerated energies.

To prepare for what’s ahead we spent the last several weeks heavily focused on the dissolution and rewrite of those perpetuating interference (enslavement) programs that have thwarted each of us from our True spiritual identity and the divine blueprint of our original destiny.  It has been a challenging but remarkably productive eclipse season and we are soon to understand why.

July, in particular, amounted to a distinctive washing away of our emotional core wound. To ensure our fate, we were all met with some important personal closure during the full moon lunar eclipse (7/16) window that pushed each of us to eradicate the karmic replays of that illusion from our mind-scape and the resulting miasma from our cell-scape.

To do this successfully we had to retrace our human origin back to ground zero, to our inception point, in order to create a new through-line…weaving together the plot of our first life to our new, Second Life.  Re-scripting this important new outcome to that old/ancient wound scenario was required to shift our personal timeline to align with our original destiny…this was the ultimate do-over moment that enabled us to “begin again” as our Divine Self.

And two eclipses under the Cancer sun provided us with the perfect backdrop to accomplish this, to face our greatest vulnerability with unconditional LOVE (neutrality)…with both inner Parents intact …consequently reestablishing a whole new framework (in the body) as LOVE.  This is THE framework with which we uphold our ascended life template and New Human genetics and so in August, under Leo sun, we will use our newly anchored (feminine/emotional/lunar) inner-strength from our time in Cancer to cultivate more life force and establish the (masculine/creative/solar) power needed to fully birth our Trinitized Self in upcoming Virgo. (more on that ⇊)

Next big-ticket item: The Lion’s Gate (8/8), which opened on 7/26, closes on 8/12 and is officially being called→ The Gateway to New Earth.

Every year this (Sirius) stargate brings in the “royal (ascension) codes” activating more personal and planetary DNA for our cosmic evolution.  It is from this gateway that we gain access to the essential geometries needed to live the light-body experience in form, and this year these codes are encrypted with the specific intelligences to activate the embodiment of the Cosmic Christ Template…what I am hearing called “destiny codes” (as in→the fulfillment of prophecy).

“Out with the old in with the new” are the words consistently coming to me with this…also fitting for The Galactic New Year 🎊 (7/26)……and so, our focus for August remains on the resolution and release of old template dynamics as we are simultaneously thrust into a new Creative capacity to “paint the very first brushstrokes of our New Earth Creations”. 🎨🖌🖼

The Lion’s gate is always a very special, very potent time for the ascending, but this year is unparalleled in its capacity to initiate our return to our ONEness with GOD…in the flesh.

There’s so much to talk about!

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