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Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year! 🎊  The Aquarius new moon that we just moved thru (1/24) is clearly one for the books…it officiated our entrance into 2020, the New Earth, and the New (Golden) Age, thereby sanctioning our permanent release from causality.  It’s a lot to take in and just as big as it sounds.

The new moon also concluded the (literal) labor-intensive eclipse corridor that opened before the solstice, delivering those resolved of polarity to their Authentic Self for the very first lunar cycle of the New Earth.  This was a profound passage of very strong energies propelling us out of our old life, thru a final (metaphysical) death, and into full-blown unity.

It was a very real/surreal experience of being in a vacuum for weeks while we were transported thru a black hole, teleporting all our particles of consciousness to a whole new dimension of reality.  In the process of transportation to this new realm of existence, we had to dematerialize our molecular structure in order to rematerialize on the other side of the veil, where we were reconverted into matter.  In a word: legendary.  In two words: Star Trek.

As a result of this epic transition, there has been SO much purging, releasing, resolving, surrendering and opening in order to settle up wayward timelines and finalize numerous life cycles.

For those who have completed the all-consuming rite of passage into the nirvanic realms, this was the final release from the underworld, which means you have successfully made it thru and beyond the realm of death…while alive.  Next up→ Self Realization.  After we complete the integration of the rebirth process and are ready to engage with life (after death), our life force will return, BUT…in a whole new way, driven by a very different Source of energy. (more on that below ⇊)

For now, while we are still settling into our new/higher dimensional Home, re-assimilating to Heaven (on Earth) and preparing for the next stage of personal and planetary evolution, we have the space to silently celebrate this monumental completion of an overly long, beyond challenging first life mission in duality and the welcomed renewal that comes when opposing energies finally harmonize into ONE.

We are being asked during this time to prepare for new life, to open our hearts, to BE in receiving mode, to trust in the goodness again, and to expand our horizons…to ask for more-bigger-better on behalf of all of Earth & humanity, and to allow it forth…to replenish our reserves after decades of depletion from service in separation.

This is our reincarnation point.  All that was once dead, lost and forgotten now rises again…reborn & revived.  It is time to detach from death consciousness, to evolve out of this false/makeshift reality and expand into the new/Original Earth Template, awakening our Holy Temple to begin again from zero point…to start our Second Life from scratch, with a completely clean slate→ fresh, pure, holy, innocent & childlike…as tho our first life never existed at all.  This is what’s available to those who have stepped beyond the veil…an entirely new way of incarnating on an entirely New Earth.

The (Original) Book of Life is now ready to be written→ as it was in the beginning, is now, ever shall be, world without end.

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