Holy Season: the final act of ascension

Happy astrological new year! 🎊   After weeks of bobbing in the Piscean seas, quietly downloading the next stage of our individual divine blueprint to unfold in the year ahead, we are now drying off under the fiery Aries Sun, igniting our (Original) Divine Spark of Life as we are individually and collectively rebirthed from the Cosmic Heart/Womb of the Creatrix.

For embodiers, that time in Pisces was extremely important and valuable for cutting ourselves free from the last vestiges of the entire Piscean astrological age (of crucifixion/suffering) so that now, from March equinox to June solstice, we can work to eradicate that whole storyline from our biology.

To that end, the Cosmic Fire (Holy Spirit) will continue to cleanse our Temples as the Divine Feminine Christ comes into full power and that level of (casual) creation is completely eliminated from our bodies and lives.

Under the Aries Sun, we begin again with our brand new (reincarnated) Life creations, planting and germinating our Original Seed(s) of Life, and so it is especially important to be conscious of our thoughts/focus at this time.  In light of global events, exponentially so. (much more on that below ⇊)

Simultaneously, we are seeing the final ending to the womb/sacral slavery programming and the birthing (contractions) of our New Body Template, which means we will now see the completion of the original ascension timeline (circa 2012) play out, as we enter the Final Act of the greatest, most dramatic play on Earth.

This time of global stillness (quarantine) and social separation will be remembered as our demarcation point for this major moment…when the whole world shut down for the final death and simultaneous birth of the collective Cosmic Christ heralding the prophesized New Age on Earth.

As the timeline division between old earth and New Earth manifests, the ONEness energy is expanding and we are all undergoing a cosmic level reordering as a result.  Everything must come into alignment and we are witnessing this on a grand scale thru a massive sorting process to align each of us with our resonant timeline.

In the process, the masks are coming off…the veil is lifting and we are beginning to see the total picture with True eyes.  Every level of reality is revealing itself at the same time, as we step into our omnipresence…as our Trinity with GOD is manifesting in the world of form.

Despite outward appearances…or maybe I should say, in contrast to outward appearances…this is an exciting time for those who have been holding steady at the helm.

That said, there is A LOT to cover…

Let’s jump right in.

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