Creator Consciousness: key to the kingdom

We finally arrived at the critical turning point for embodiment this year⇾ the new moon-solar eclipse-solstice gateway…and soon to be followed by the 3d of three eclipses in the triad that are welcoming the complete Trinity of GOD consciousness into the physical world.  Truly a moment unlike any other.

The Sun, Moon, and Mercury (retrograde) are all in the sign of The Mother (Cancer) for this heralded event as if to facilitate the birth of the Homo Luminous on Earth, and just as we finalized the three-year completion point of the Holy Spirit Acquisition on the Pentecost (5/31) which concludes the integration of the Cosmic Mother principle that officially commenced on June 4th, 2017.

Shortly after the Holy Spirit (Shekinah) began Her descent upon the earthen planes we witnessed the collective healing/wholing of the male-female gender divide via the #metoo movement, and now the healing/wholing of the black & white color divide via #blacklivesmatter.  The division between light & dark ends here. The SOUL of humanity is rising, reflecting/displaying the Cosmic Mother on a mass scale, making way for final judgments, justice, retribution, and ultimately…redemption.

As The Mother principle stealthily gains notoriety, we are agreeing/affirming in great numbers that⇾ LOVE matters. The Heart matters.  The Feminine (Force) matters.  Finally, the collective voice of the soul is growing louder than its predecessor⇾ the (monkey) mind.

For those with eyes to see, the falsity/veil of separation is being removed thru the Truth that there IS no separation…and what we are witnessing “out there” is the return to ONEness (zero-point) within.  What’s been hidden, blocked, entrapped is no more.  Humanity’s Heartlight is turning on one by one, demographic by demographic, growing to illuminate the whole world. This Force is now unstoppable.

The global uprisings are just the first step.  They are facilitating the waves of mass awakening, awareness of the core issues at hand as society wakes from the hazy dream state of placated deception and begins to wipe the sleep from their eyes.  And as these societal structures breakdown one by one, there’s finally room to begin building new forms and foundational elements in their place.

To that aim, a clarion call has gone out to all those with (Higher) vision to now conceive the new dream for New Earth…to tap into the totality of our divine blueprint and begin to map out the coordinates.  This new energy will really kick into high gear on June 25th, when Venus stations direct, and we begin a new 8 year (Venus/Rose) cycle.

Venus (the feminine principle) was reborn on June 3d (inferior conjunction→ when Venus returned to the spot where it started 8 years ago at roughly 13 degrees Gemini) and so too are we reborn into the New Human Heartmind.  This means it’s reward time.  All the work that we put into unifying our heart & mind over the last eight years (circa 2012-2020)…establishing our soul’s voice & communicating our needs/value/worth from a Heart-centered place of personal/divine Truth…is readying to blossom, to finally emerge as the flower (of life) in full bloom.

It is time now to call forth new reSources, to affirm our ability to receive our due, Knowing that it will show up effortlessly because we finally have the ultimate support system in place…the ultimate insurance policy…THE Key to the Kingdom⇾ the attainment of Creator Consciousness. 🙌🏼

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