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If this is your first visit, WELCOME!   We are a community in service to, with, for, and AS LOVE.

Think With Your Heart has been around in some way, shape or form since 2006 in dedication to the initiation & transformation period for many path-paving pioneers of higher human consciousness. Until this point, the focus of TWYH has been on attaining/remembering/awakening our HEART, mind & cells to our roles as Bodhisattvas…those biologically enlightened folk here to lead the earth & humanity to it’s original destiny.

The deeply challenging metamorphic phase is drawing to its close, our new missions are emerging, and TWYH is shifting to accommodate our new focus from BEcoming, to BEing…from discipleship to Creatorship…so that together, and in our own unique ways, we can reimagine and rebuild a new world based on the solid foundation and True governing Laws of LOVE.  As you can imagine, we have a lot of work to do.

This next phase of TWYH is about grounding the Cosmic Life Force into our physical bodies and world. We are, as a community, delving into the concepts and applications required for each of us to personally & collectively co-create the New Earth (Eden) Timelines.

We are moving from dreaming the dream, to creating it (!) and while TWYH will maintain its purpose and function as a LOVE HUB…providing a portal into New Earth with a wealth of information, support, and a one-of-a-kind community of like-HEARTs…we will be doing so in the direction of divine stewardship & embodied leadership…living by example of what’s possible via ascension. 

It’s (finally) time to address the more practical matters of the Heart, to hone in on our ability to structure and mold True creative freedom that we worked SO hard to attain….freedom that now needs a framework to function in the physical world. Most of this we will be defining as we go, as we learn/decide/decipher/remember what it truly means to live out loud…as LOVE.

TWYH provides a safe & supportive space to develop that framework, a place to establish the foundational principles for understanding our individual capacity to Create As LOVE and the dynamics required to bring about true and lasting change…both in our lives and ultimately, in the world.

If you…

…then you’ve come to the right place!  JOIN US