Diamond Light Grid Builder

Build Your Diamond Light Grid in 8 Steps

Lauren · May 30, 2021

The Diamond Grid is a Light Technology Tool that can be used as means to access your own multidimensional (diamond) consciousness to harness more of your true YOUniversal power.

Our personal Diamond Light Grid is a literal matrix of crystalline light, an actual OCTAHEDRAL geometric structure that surrounds (and permeates) our physical body and links us to Source. So the sacred geometry of our diamond field is the mechanism that enables us to express the Source of the Universe (Cosmic Life Force) from the Source within.

This grid structure serves as a conduit for diamond light (higher Creative intelligence) to flow to and from our field, harmoniously (fractally) aligning us with the sacred architecture of the universe, forming a powerful gateway to the Heart of Creation.

This tool is a way to enhance the use of this essential component of our evolutionary process so that we can actively work with our inherent Higher-body technologies to coherently interface with life on Earth from an ascended level of consciousness.

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