Ok, first of all…thanks for your patience while I was down.  Secondly, welcome!

As I see it, the best way for me to broach this very large and very sensitive topic would be to work backwards thru your query to highlight a common misconception and the root cause of your be-lie-f structure around the money/3D & the descension process:

“Once we are in 5d, in Eternal Infinite Love and Joy, we would want nothing at all of 3d.”  

It is very important to realize that, at this planetary juncture, we are here not to leave 3D, but to merge WITH it…to anchor our 5th dimensional consciousness IN a 3d dimensional world…to bring heaven TO earth. This means bringing your spiritual based Self into your physical body, onto the earth, and living with others IN society.

I want to jump. When I do than the whole 3d world disappears literally. If you read books of Saints that’s what they experienced as well.”

For the 3D world to “disappear” would mean ascension via physical death…which is a very different thing.

Again, we are not here to separate ourselves from the physical world (3D), but to become a part of it…albeit in our own unique way…to live by example of whats “humanly possible” so that we can unify (heal the separation between spirit and matter) and restructure human society and its systems from the inside out.

This includes, but is not limited to, money.

I am sure that “in time” we (as a society) we will move way beyond the concept of money as a means of procurement, but for now…and likely for many years to come…money is the material form of energy exchange in the westernized world and so, like all things, the only way to transcend a money-based society is in first healing our relationship WITH it…healing the judgement (separation) around money.

That is not to say that living without money is not possible nor desirable…many people are drawn to money-less & sustainable/barter exchange communities, but keep in mind that a moneyless society is not necessarily an ascended society, just as a money-based society is not necessarily a separated (dualistic) society.

And separation is key here…

First time i read your reports, i had an alarming bell ringing. the 7 sisters info/energy had component ‘free of charge/gift to humanity’…they work harder than us for whole humanity but free of charge. it must stay that way always….you can sell and put your own info, experience, interpretation, etc. into the part of 5d report which can be purchased.///info from them is unlimited source of 5d. yours is limited and can be sold if you wish to. 

Realize that there is no separation between myself and the 7 sisters of Pleiades…they are an aspect of meSelf, of my higher consciousness that I incarnated into this lifetime with the intention to express in physical form. In other words, there is no way to separate their words from mine, we are ONE and the same Source.

while we continue to price ourselves ‘we’ are stuck in limited 3d world. if we want to be like ‘them’ in 5d we must learn to give up the whole mentality of pricing/judging. because price is judgement.”

Again, there is no separation between “us & them”.  For the most part, these guides and beings are all just future aspects of ourselves.

As well, determining that ‘price’ is somehow unjust places judgement on money and therefore creates separation between 3D & 5D / spirit and matter, which is counterproductive to our expansion into unity….to healing the divide.

Understand that money is just a 3d dimensional (physical/material) expression/extension of human energy. That is all. Not good, not bad…it just IS. When you see it from that perspective you automatically whole the divide between spirit (your soul’s gifts) and matter (money)….which is the whole point.

“5d is world where God is and God gives his Love as a gift, God does not sell His Love to us, His children. It is in 3d Godless world everyone and everything with price tag, even love.”

God not only exists in ALL dimensions, God IS all dimensions.

There is no separation between you and God.  You ARE God. You/we are all aspects/extensions of God…all of everything is “god’s creation”…with that understanding, how could a “godless” world exist?

The “good” in god’s creation is just as godly as the “bad”.  A dualistic mind sees the two as separate whereas a unified heat & mind sees both of those polarities as flip sides of the same coin.

And lastly…

“it seems to me that when you say ‘you have to value yourself more than anything else in this world to thrive here’ that mean that from 3d point of view you have low self value, you are trying to increase it by making your price $500 an hour…. I think you do not realise that this figure attaches you so strongly to 3d world. and I think higher the figure more person is attached to 3d, more actually it shows that the person is suffering from low self value, it is like proof to yourself and to others that you are worthy.”

Realize that from 5D, via unified mind, all of life is understood as a holographic projection of the Self…as within, so without.

With that understanding, that everything in the outer world is projection of our inner state of BEing, then wouldn’t it make more sense that if I had low self ‘worth’, than I would feel worth-y of less and therefore charge less?

Such is the case with way too many LOVE workers to mention.

Our feelings of “worth” are very clearly reflected in our finances because money is an honest mirror reflection of how we value ourselves in the physical world. Not just that we have money, but how we attain it, what we do with it, how we FEEL about it…all just reflections of “who we are made manifest.”

From this perspective, the statement that ‘you have to value yourself more than anything else in this world to thrive here’ is simply stating that if you value yourself inwardly, you will project that value outwardly…that if you refrain from discriminating against your own value, you will see your value in all things…including money.

And obviously not only via money, but money can be a beautiful and powerful teacher when seen in this light.

I know that some new age teachings discount the (3D) material world as being “ungodly” but this is not only dangerously ungrounded, it is wildly distorted.

The material (including money) is just as divine as anything else.

Translation: it’s ALL God.