Hi Amy, I think I am going to call in my team to tackle this because it’s a very broad concept and I can tell you are struggling to define your question, which usually indicates a need for a higher dimensional, equally as broad approach.

Let me see what the Pleiadians can can offer us…

The basis of all fear is rooted in separation from Source.  This is the origin-wound we would say, though there are many subsequent wounds that are created and lodged in the lower body system which in turn create even more fears and feelings of separation…rhetorically.

What we would recommend is simple but effective…allow your physical body to fully experience the fears that present themselves while the mind and heart stay rooted in LOVE.  We know at first glance that may seem too simple a solution, but ultimately that is all that is required to “face fear” as humans are accustomed to saying.

Facing fear is really just feeling it…giving the feeling validity, acknowledging with consciousness, its source…and yet while also creating the space for your soul to experience and express it’s Source…which is LOVE. Both these things need to be seen separately at first, in order to make them one.

You see, the body and the soul have two very different orientations prior to the sacred merge…the body experiences itself as singular, detached and alone whereas the soul experiences itself as unified and at ONE with all that-is.

These conflicting realities create quite a stir in the 3D human, forcing the body to reject the soul and the soul to reject the body, as it were.  In 5D however, these two realities are no longer in conflict but in unison, for the body has what it needs…is conscious of it’s intelligence…to support the soul, and the soul has what it needs to support the body. As you can imagine, this creates an ideal arrangement for peaceful cohabitation.

But before those realities merge, fear is predominant simply because there is miscommunication, or should we say a lack of communication between the two.

In causality, the physical body ultimately fears it’s death, it’s mortality, whereas the soul is well aware of it’s immortality and eternalness. These two reality systems can only converge at the 5th dimensional level, where the body and soul both have a shared Source of sustenance, of intelligence. 

Unfortunately and fortunately, until the truth of the soul is acknowledged by the body, this core level fear will remain unresolved….leaving one susceptible to many subsequently created-fears.

So from the perspective of ascension, the only real freedom from fear in human form is in merging the soul with the body…in accepting, honoring, and integrating the greater truth of your spiritual nature IN physical form.

And we will add that this is precisely what 2014 has provided the ascending collective…the ability to descend into the “bowels” of humanity, quite literally.  You have been steeped so deeply in the lower energy centers for quite some time, but none more than this year.  And the purpose, the outcome, the delight in transmuting all these “survival” fears as you say…which, is very literal for the human form…is in your ultimate destiny: your freedom from fear.

Fear is not an energy that can exist in or above the resonance of LOVE, but to arrive there fully requires the understanding that these two orientations…that of spirit and that of (human) matter…must be reconciled, brought into union.

Lastly we would say that to rise above fear, to merge the eternalness of the soul with the mortality of the (3D) body, requires your absolute dedication to LOVE.  In fact, your focus on LOVE, by default, will automatically ignite it’s counterpart (fear) in polarity…for this is the journey of what we would call “zeroing-out”.  

In zeroing out polarity, universal LOVE will highlight and illuminate all that is not LOVE.  This is, in fact, the very state of your world at the moment….for there is so much LOVE, so much light engulfing your planet that it is inherently, by law of resonance, forcing out all that is not LOVE.

And just as it would not serve you to dwell on the darkness that is being purged globally, neither will it serve you to dwell on your own.

Ultimately, it is in your detachment from fear that you are freed FROM it…not in the healing OF it.   

We hope we’ve addressed your query thoroughly.