Hi again…ok, so I FINALLY have a minute to sit with this and my very first feeling was:

When you are ready, your people will comeTO you.

And I say this not only from a 5D perspective…which it definitely is, since it is a magnetic mechanism of creation…but also from experience.

Many times over the last 10 years I have been offered numerous opportunities to, what I would call, “externalize myself”…and a few times I bit the bait and here’s why I regretted it…

I realized that in joining forces with big radio shows, and doing telesummits and being interviewed and the like before I felt complete on all levels, that I was in fact, watering down my potency which actually watered down my potential.  You would think that by putting myself out to a larger audience that I would increase my potential, but this was def not the case…if anything it detracted from it.  This is because I was technically “reaching” for my audience instead of just BEing the beacon that is me and relying on my resonance to attract my tribe.

This is not to say that perhaps I wouldn’t do these types of things in the future, only that I knew I needed to first be very well rooted in who I AM and clear about what I bring to the world before I shared myself in a bigger way…lest I risk losing my center, getting lost in the shuffle or feeling derailed.

If you are still unfocused and wavering, you are not fully anchored in your divine blueprint…there is simply no way to ignore, deny or waver from your blueprint because it is essentially who you ARE.  This is not to say that you can’t begin implementing what’s in your heart, only that you are still in the exploration phase of that, still collecting the puzzle pieces.

And here’s the beautiful thing about the youniverse within us…as within, so without…we are ALWAYS shown the perfect mirror reflection our divine accuracy and timing in the response to our soul’s call.  If you turn your heartlight on, and decide to share it with the world, the response to your light will show you, in no uncertain terms, how close you are to actualizing your true purpose for being here…without a big financial investment.

If you are depleted of financial resources, than this alone is an indication that you need to first harness your inner-reserves, to qualify and validate your true “worth”.  Personally, I would never begin a new venture from a place of depletion, or extrapolation. I always build from within, outward…to do this in an effective way takes little effort if you are truly aligned with your heart/soul.

Overall I would say to you at this point…invest in YOU.  When we invest in anything outside of ourselves, we give our precious power to that thing…and then we have to go back later and reclaim it in order to return to wholeness. The key to abundance in 5D is in NEVER losing sight of Self, never giving Self away…but instead, always turning inward for your resources, truth, creative inspiration, timing, and even those practical details that we “think” we need to plan.  ALL of this is the job of the magnetic high heart.

Your heart will bring to you everything you need and desire to put forth into the world, long as you are fully invested in YOU.

Nothing outside of Self is required to prosper in 5D…it’s all an inside job because the outside world is nothing but a reflection of Self.  Which means that you are only required to know your heart…you must be water clear about who you are at a soul level and what you want to share with the world and how. Unless and until this information is unmistakable, you will flitter from (mental) idea to idea where your interest will eventually and alway feign.

BTW, from a metaphysical perspective ADD is soul fragmentation.  When we are rooted in our heart/soul, our mind is laser sharp…focused, clear, creative and calm because all parts of our multidimensional self are able to operate as ONE unified BEing. If we are rooted in our thinking brain, we have a tendency to leave pieces of energy scattered about in different areas of our life and this is very depleting.  To that I would say, gather up all of your lost fragments by first eliminating, resolving and discarding if necessary, all that which is no longer a match to you. Trim the fat, let go of distractions, clean and clear the mental clutter.  That way, you can reclaim the vitality lost in expending thought energy on all those things that are not an essential part of your soul’s intentions for being here. 

Lastly, I assure you that if this radio opportunity is truly a part of your soul’s blueprint, it will show you that in no uncertain terms….that which is divinely ordered can never be lost or destroyed, only delayed, so don’t worry about a lost opportunity.

Keep your focus on YOU and all that YOU truly desire to express and experience in this world.  This has nothing to do with what you “think” others need FROM you, or what you think will bring you financial gain…it is very simply your souls desire to express itself that will magnetize to you the abundance that you truly seek…on all levels.

At the most basic level:  What doesn’t set your heart on fire, is truly not your heart’s desire!

Hope this helps to clarify things…❤️