Hey George,

You say: Any specific advice about how to “solidify that connection”  Is that just repeating the process of reconnecting to our heart-space over and over when we recognize we are mis-connected or is there something else we can do to “solidify that connection”???

To that I would say, the only way to solidify our connection to Source is to just BE LOVE…by which I will paste a relevant excerpt from Causal to Conscious Creation:

Which begs the question…how exactly do we just BE LOVE?

You BE LOVE by BEing authentically you, in every moment, without measured restraint.

And how do we know our authentic self?

It is written in your heart.

Healing the separation between who you really are and who you “perceive yourself to be” is really as simple as thinking with your heart.

It never has to be more complex than that, though many try to make it so.

Staying true to who you really are is not always easy, but it is uncomplicated. Deeply you always know what is true for you, even if the voice of the heart is stifled, it can still be felt with precision.
The problem most face isn’t in knowing the heart’s desires, it’s in honoring them implicitly. This is where the development of divine virtue is required. 

Hope that helps!

p.s. thanks so much for the offer to be my tour guide should we come to Hot Springs…Leon and I are always throwing around the idea of a cross country tour once our construction is complete, which at this rate will def take us well into summer of 2015. However, if we commit ourselves to that journey, I may just take u up on the offer!