Hi George, motivating ourselves to maintain 3D tasks while transitioning to 5D is a most arduous task because our participation with the old grid is continually lessening.

Most times, the incentive to accomplish the physical details comes at the very last minute, mostly because we need the boost of external forces to move us in the remaining vestiges of duality…which can be really annoying and frustrating.  But the 5D human is not motivated by 3D things, at which point our motivation must come from within.

I am in the same boat as you with regard to many 3D details that I just don’t have it in me to deal with…as a result, the pile keeps growing and growing and the overwhelm threatens to derail me almost daily.  But the truth is that our spiritual and physical actualization must come before ALL else and so everything in our life tends to take a back seat to “how we are feeling”..which is key.

The only way that I personally know of to push thru that level of remaining ‘obligation’ is to wait for the forces to coalesce to the point that I am literally forced into action.  It seems that when I do that, something will catapult me into a higher gear and I can get things done, even if temporarily, but only if there is a sense of real urgency.

Then there are those 5D days when I am so immersed in the supportive frequencies that I can accomplish 3D tasks with ease.  Because those days (of inner connection) are still relatively spotty I can’t always count on them to be there for me, in which case I will just keep waiting until a day of strong connection occurs or I am absolutely pushed via external pressures.

It is becoming nearly impossible to do anything easily without our full connection to Source…but until we solidify that connection we have to get creative.

So yea, not fun or easy to deal with the practicality of it all…and you are definitely not alone.  That said, it still somehow seems to always work out…give or take a few bank charges here or there…and I still only move when moved, even if it takes the severity of something unpleasant to move me.

Hope that helps in some way…