Hi Elisabet!  The isolation thing is a bear…but required in order to release our full self from all duality constructs.  It is a vital part of the inward journey and return to Self.

Most of the world operates on the construct/matrix that we are leaving behind.  In order to move into the realms of unity we were required to cut ourselves off from most of the external world (think: eastern yogis) in order to hear our heart’s voice, to heal, to face the shadow, to let go of limitations and to become whole unto ourselves.

Once this journey is complete and we are whole within, by holographic law, we then reflect that wholeness onto our outer world which will, by vibrational law, attract like-hearted (whole) relationships in kind.  But not a minute sooner.

And this is bioenergetic as much as it is emotional/spiritual…our energy systems get so overloaded while we are vulnerable, open, and skinless during the metamorphosis that isolation is also for our protection.

As for my own path, I was cut off from the “outside world” in 2005 when I suddenly decided I needed to sell my restaurant and real estate investments.  I was feeling the call to go inward in a major way and so I let go of my “life” pretty quickly and bought a house away from it all, surrounded by nature knowing deeply that I needed a safe space to “come undone”.

Since then, (for about 9 years) I have had very minimal and limited contact with the outside world…i let go of all friendships and I only really have regular contact with my partner and my sister, who is my only family member that I was able to keep a resonant connection with.  And as you likely know, my mother also left the physical world last January which severed even deeper ties to my old life/birth family…even my two beloved cats were taken from me during the time that I was learning to stand in my authentic truth.

And this is true for many of us…lots of friends, family, partnerships, business relationships, etc. fall away during this process because as we become true, we lose resonance with those people…in a sense we “outgrow” them (sometimes only temporarily)…and as we free ourselves from the entrapments that others are not yet ready to let go of, it can get lonely…but that is exactly the point. Only when we are alone with ourSelves, away from the chatter of the outside world can we get in touch with the small voice within and learn how to LOVE ourselves in the way that is required to ascend.

And this is nothing short of excruciating…but it comes with the ultimate reward: true freedom
As for lift off…my motto is always the same: move when moved.  Its time for action when action comes TO you.  This is the moment when all questions cease.