My pleasure Marie!

I totally get this: “I tend to want to be perfect at it RIGHT AWAY”

I am a total perfectionist myself, but like everything down here, telepathy is def a process…an unfolding of the bigness of YOU, in time and space.  The time and space thing can be really excruciating as you say, but it does actually have its benefits in that we don’t get overwhelmed with too much too fast.

That said, these eclipses are def taking us to a completely new, uncharted space within us and forcing us to release so much falsity, so much of us that has been fabricated out of external influences.  We are being reborn into the truth of who we are, and the confidence to bolster that truth will roll out in the months that follow.

This is bound to shake things up a bit…but trust, trust, trust in YOU.

The better you are at drowning out the outside voices the faster you will ground your divinity here in the physical world.

Of which, you are already doing marvelous!

Just BE-DO YOU. Ignore the rest.

Oh, but be sure to give everyone who loves you the space to fall into place with your truth.  It’s all an adjustment process, but one that will take you to the summit of your potential and bring you the fulfilment that your soul is truly seeking.

And btw, I am very excited to see how you bring all of yourself to the world…I have a feeling its gonna be quite an amazing, multidimensional display of talent!