Hi Marie and welcome to the co-coaching forum!  You brought forth a lot of information here so I am going to try to present an overview that I can break down in chunks.

First things first…CONGRATULATIONS!  Remember when I said to in the last report that: You are THIS close to something SO big that it precedes you…?  Well this is what I was feeling coming and was urged to say out loud.

Of course I am intimate with all the feelings and questions circling you in this moment but just know it’s so normal to feel and think all these things. It can be overwhelming when you break thru to new levels of your Self but I promise that it is never as intense as it seems in the moment.   Your divine-cosmic truth is just coming online in a bigger way and is threatening all of the (false) reality constructs that you still have in place that are fused to a sense of worth and esteem.

But like Arcturus says, those constructs are illusory.  Know that you will organically let go of those tethers as you move more solidly into this next phase of your life and mission and as you learn to trust so solidly in YOU, the feelings of self doubt will fade, your confidence will build, and your outer world and relationships will grow to reflect that.

The name of the game at this point is trusting your truth first and foremost.  Once you trust in your truth and own it fully, you will begin to own your power around your truth…which amounts to becoming so self-centered (as in YOU are the center of your world) and self assured that everyone around you will eventually shift/open or fall away. But it’s like I said to you prior…those that are divinely ordered never leave.  They may come and go, but ultimately the heart connection always wins out.

So be at peace with that part of the process knowing that only those who are truly aligned with your soul’s resonance, those who truly LOVE and support you for who you are, not what you do or provide them…are those that matter and will stick. You may shake off a few fleas as you become truer to your Self, and you may be judged and scrutinized…but you are more than capable of all of this. It also feels like this is the blessing of Kurt playing the role of the ultimate antagonist…providing you with the backdrop (and friction!) needed to step up into more of a leadership role.

Of which, realize that true leadership is so unlike anything we are used to in this world.  If that word scares you, it shouldn’t because a true leader is simply someone who has the courage to live authentically, in complete alignment with their soul’s truth.  Being a liaison to the stars is no different than any true leadership role, it just demands that you live by example so that others can ultimately be inspired your example.

You ask…

How DO you do it? 

I just do what comes the most natural to me…follow what feels good…create ways to express myself that feel as closely aligned with my truth as possible.  And I discipline myself to ignore everything else.

How do you trust yourself?

I said in the Telepathy Training e-course that if I could summarize telepathic receiving in one word it would be: TRUST.  Trust is the whole journey, it is a constant letting go of the fear of being wrong, of being judged, that allows what’s true and right to emerge gracefully and with confidence. More than anything, it’s loving yourself enuf to fumble…allowing yourself the room to fuck up, nurturing yourself thru when you do, and realizing that perfection is just a fear of inadequacy in disguise.

I have come far enuf to realize that it’s not what I say that matters as much as being authentic to who I am.  The frequency I embody and radiate is what gathers my tribe, my words are just the bridge.

How do you manage scoffers?

I keep my focus on myself and my creations…all the time.

How do you relate this to your skeptical Partner?

I keep my focus on myself and my creations…all the time.

In the beginning tho, it was not so easy to stay focused solely on me because I was seeking external validation for my worth and value.  We all do this.  But his refusal to see who I was and what I did as valuable made me realize that it’s not about him…its about me.  He is just reflecting back to me my own feelings of inadequacy with his own projections of low self worth.  Bad combination.

To get out of that mess, I just started ignoring him and put my focus on me.  I did my thing knowing that I had to step up my game, stop seeking approval and begin to create my empire…against ALL odds.  I found that to break a mold, you HAVE to get very comfortable in yourself and never ask anyone for their input unless they are on your vibrational wavelength.  Luckily you have TWYH!  When I received the news of my liaison mission in 2005, I had no one but Jesus Christ.  😯

I knew Leon would not be-lie-ve until I proved to him by example what was really going on here…so after some intense arguments, a break up and a side order of financial devastation, I just let go of trying to prove myself, buckled down and got to it knowing that the only true vindication would be in my personal success.

Right around 2011 he started coming around…mostly because I was finally bringing in a healthy income and he could relax…but now he is in full support of me, my role…and even has a working knowledge of some starspeak.  lol.  He doesn’t “get it” all, but he no longer refutes it and gives me the space to BE.  But not until I fully commanded it.

The bottom line remains…we live in a holographic universe.  What you want to experience outside of you, you must create within you…first.  When you do, your world will start to beat to YOUR drum.

Be fearless, it will reward you.

How do you STAND in this AS this?

I keep my focus on myself and creations…all the time.

I know so completely that I am not here to convince anyone of anything.  I am here simply and clearly to express my soul’s purpose so there is never any pressure to “get it right”.   What other people get from my work is none of my business, and definitely not my responsibility, so I don’t take any of it personally.

I am just being & doing me.

How do you KNOW that you are receiving pure channels?

I trust in what my heart feels to be true.  My process is that I receive an xmission usually days ahead of structuring it into an article because when the information appears I tend to question myself and doubt my receivings.  This is normal btw, because the information is ahead of me, from the future, so I always give myself some time to integrate and “catch up” to the message.

If I am not in alignment with what I post, people will feel the separation and they too will doubt.  This takes a lot of internal discipline because I can psychically feel the pressure from my readers when they are waiting for a report…but I have to abide by my system or my articles fall short.

If I AM supposed to really BE this – then I WANT to do this right – all the way – I know that my doubts are limiting the experience – are diluting my own capacity to receive pure information. . .

Definitely cut yourself some slack here.  This is an unfolding and 100% of it is trial and error.  You have to just create your purpose and the application of it as you go…like building an airplane while already in flight.  That is how true creation works.  As you take each step in faith, it will be followed by a step in assurance…ad infinitum.

…when I step away from this part of myself – engaging in the day to day – all of this does seem fantastical and unlikely…

Yes, definitely in the beginning this is prominent. But eventually, as you are “doing your purpose” with 100% of yourself,  the rest of day to day stuff starts to feel fantastical and unlikely and your purpose feels like the only truth that ever existed.  This takes time and building and repetition, but it DOES happen.

 I feel as though the mental constructs I’ve built around what being an ambassador / channeler/ transmitter – have been rather limited – and that BECAUSE I accept this role does not necessarily mean that I’m meant to go publicly sharing Arcturian transmissions ? ? ? – at this point I have ZERO idea what it really means. 

Communication is your obvious gift & purpose, but how you do it, how you connect with others is completely up to your own unique flavor…ie, your soul’s zest will dictate and determine how that plays itself out.  You mention that music is just emotive, easy, art, but I don’t see this as separate from your role as messenger, I see it as an essential part of your unique package, your medium, your reach, your lure, your attractor factor, etc.

The ULTIMATE creation is how you wrap up your soul gifts and present them to the world...bringing all of who you are to what you do…this is where the fun is!

I think it would be an injustice to your craft to take any of it too seriously…that will stifle your self expression and creativity. It’s more important that you 1)know who you are and 2) LOVE what you do, and that you do it for the simple act of expressing your soul ‘s uniqueness here in the physical world.  If you think about any of it too much, it will thwart your progress and success in creating.

Your job, your joy is in remembering the fullness of YOU and bringing those pieces of your soul’s truth down into the physical world so that you can experience YOU, in form. You don’t have to do anything any certain way, you just have to do what feels right and good to YOU. If you keep your focus solely on you and your creations, you learn to block out how others receive you…that is where all your freedom lives.

How I personally create is very similar to how I witness Leon create music…he brings forth what’s in his heart and translates it into sound.  I bring forth what’s in my heart and translate it into words.  So what I did was let my writing show me the bigger picture, piece by piece, like a puzzle.  When I saw the topics and general direction of what I was bringing forth, I created my business around the messages and infused my soul zest in all of it….mostly because most of the other examples I saw around me seemed overtly-spiritual or overtly-galactic, which I found uninspiring and garden variety and that bored me.

Speaking of business, I know money has been a major issue for your journey but I can attest that even tho it’s uncommon, being a messenger can be very lucrative…IF you are willing to own your worth and value yourself AS GOD.  This is key.  The truth is, information sells. If you are authentic and true to who you are, your soul song will sing in tune with the universe and harmonize with all like frequencies in need of your unique sound.  This is a guarantee.

How do you experience the LOGN – or transmissions – do you feel like you can really SEE what’s happening or is it blurry and vague?

I rarely see anything, except my guides hanging around my space or when they are vying for my attention.  I try to keep my focus on interpreting the energy and translating it thru words.  In the beginning, when I was just opening my gifts I would use all my clairs and I would see a lot more, but the information was not as clear and strong so over time I worked on honing my craft and focused all of my energy on the messages instead of how and why it was coming thru.

So the only time I use psychic vision is if I am asked…for example, when I am asked to receive an image or a sacred symbol, or geometry, etc…anything that will bolster or enhance a message or product I am creating.

Do you think that LOGN exists someplace in PHYSICALITY or is it a collective of telepathically communicating consciousnesses?

Not sure…maybe a mixture of both.  The Pleiadians that I commune with daily tell me they are embodied, but again, it’s so difficult to assess from this density.  I have been told, by my mother actually, that soon our participation with the higher realms will be much more vivid, akin to a virtual reality type scenario.

As always, I just keep my focus on me, in the now, knowing that all that I need to know will appear as I need it.  If I let myself question too much too soon it creates overwhelm so I stay disciplined and do my part to allow the information in, process & integrate it and then report on it…without attachment.  Most times I can handle it with aplomb…sometimes I feel like I suck at it.   I do my best to ignore both of those scenarios.

Hope this helps!