Hi Antonette!  Firstly, thank you for your patience in my response time….
Secondly, I think the answer to this question is simple, yet may be helpful for you nonetheless:  you are still in transition

By what you describe here tho, feels like you are close to popping thru to a new level of reconnection within yourself which will ultiamtely lead to the attraction of your like-hearted YOUniverse. 

The journey to reconnection can be a lonely and even isolating one, but the results of waiting until you are whole and complete within yourself, before you externalize your energy, we be WELL worth the wait.  I assure you.

It feels to me that the second half of 2014 will be dedicated to more of our “outer” world creations, whereas from now until the solstice, we are coming home to ourselves…in the physical.

As I see it, this is the last step of our initiation, and the first step to the creation of our wildest dreams!