Hi AJ, sorry you so disconnected at the moment ūüôĀ

The only surefire way to get reconnected is to completely surrender…to let go (of all resistance)..and to feel your feelings. ¬†If emotion is surfacing for resolve and you are busy and distracted, you will definitely be called to shut out the external noise and center in the stillness.

Realize that we ¬†are in a VERY complex, comprehensive period of restructuring…this is a higher mastery level phase that will extend all the way into the new year and it needs to be honored as such.¬†¬†If you are feeling called inward to recalibrate, then it is natural (and on purpose) to lose connection to all the usual external pleasures and activities because your energy is needed for deeper-level work.

That said, joylessness usually results from a block in our emotional flow which dams up the Force, so the first thing to “do” is BE…and this requires the release of all resistance.

Here are some places where your judgement may be creating attachment, which will create resistance to the flow of Source which will block your life force (vitality/joy) from circulating freely thru your energy field/body system:

-I ¬†just can‚Äôt seem to get my ‚Äėact‚Äô together‚Ķ.
-No want to meditate…
-Eating and drinking all the wrong things…
-No daily yoga
-I have not even read Lesson 7 of Be the force yet? (Usually, I can’t wait to receive the lessons…. this is crazy….)
-I should be happy and grateful for all that I have, yet there is no joy? 
-There are also a lot of good work opportunities for next year, so I shouldn’t be feeling like this…

All these thoughts create feelings that create resistance to what IS, to what wants to BE in this moment. Judgement also creates separation from our soulSelf, which amounts to joylessness. the name of the game is to trust that whatever arises IS for your highest good and to move thru it consciously.

To feel your GOD Self again you must soften in those places inside that are putting up a fight and allow yourself to FEEL the discomfort of the disconnect first and foremost.  You must be willing to just BE, to veg out and succumb to the void, the nurturing silence until the answer to your disconnect emerges from within it.

Once the message is received your joy will return.

You say: Have I taken a detour from my Soul Integration path???

And I would say that each time you honor¬†your human will (woulda, coulda, shoulda’s and what ifs)¬†over¬†your divine will, you are off path. ¬†To get back on, simply move back into BEing, back into allowing, back into your feeling space.

You say: Also had a VERY sharp pain on the left side of my chest this morning. 

Obviously only you know the source of your body’s communication to you but here’s my thoughts based¬†on what you shared:

Left side = feminine (allowing vs doing) ¬†Chest = heart (soul/FEELing). ¬†Perhaps that pain was communicating to you a block in the flow of BEing and therefore your resistance to feeling something that wants/needs to be felt. ¬†Is there an unfelt emotion or a feeling you are ignoring that is vying for your attention? ¬†That’s where I would look.

Remember to move¬†INTO and not away from the source of the discomfort. ¬†Here’s a command I use to help me to surrender when I become aware of my resistance:

By the power of the GOD I AM, I hereby command the release of any and all blocks creating resistance in my field. I open to and allow for the full spectrum of my feelings to be felt so that I may move through them quickly, effortlessly and with ease and grace. For this blessing I give thanks. And so it is.

Then I call in the golden-crystalline light to flush out my toroidal field to help get the stagnant energies moving again and to help release any stuck energies.

Hope something I’ve said eases your strain…