I guess the sad truth is that if they are still with us, they are serving us 🙁

The way I look at life/evolution is that it is always on a constant climb to betterment which means everything we experience (good OR bad) serves us in some way.

In my opinion the fat suits not only serve us by way of buffering our cells from the high frequencies, but they also are an indication of stored/repressed emotion (water).  As we heal our emotions…hence, let them flow…we will no longer need the reflection of that repression via biological (water) retention.

I learned how the body stores up this water via solar flares and full moons…when I suddenly bloat up before/during/after a flare or a full moon…both of which usually kick up unresolved emotions…and then all the water would drain out of me during the geographical/biological integration of those photonic frequencies.

My hope is we will no longer need the extra weight thru, during, or maybe after the physical recalibration/resurrection period that spans all the way until late May.  I just don’t see how it will serve us at that point.

re Feburary…we entered the recalibration period of the divine mind (merc retro) to the divine heart at that time which meant revisiting a lot of expired and outdated thoughts/behaviors that are not serving our highest good.  In fact, until the equinox we will still be submerged in these expired thoughts while mercury retraces his shadow.  After that, we should feel considerably lighter, freer and more joyous.

re momentary pleasure…the ability to be still with the discomfort of the mind is literally where all the growth is.  And the most difficult.  Probably what you were mastering during that time.

hope this helps ♡