Hi George, this is an interesting question and one that I have definitely observed between Leon and myself over the years.

I have gained at least 30 pounds thru the process, whereas Leon has gone in the opposite direction and thinned out over the years. He is generally a lithe man, but I especially notice that when we are going thru an intensive clearing cycle…re strong solar activity…Leon tends to get very thin and frail where I tend to plump up even more.

Ironically, I have even observed this in my cats (when they were still alive)…my female cat would get super chubby during intensified solar-geo activity, whereas my male cat would slim down to a point of looking unwell.  Then when the clearing was over, they both would return to “normal”.

What I have come to on my own, and also with the help of the star beings is the understanding that the female biology suit, and those who lead predominantly with their feminine energy, tend to carry more emocean (water) in their physical cells then the male prototype so when these energies hit the body for clearing, the emocean surfaces thru the cells for clearing.

I have also been told many times that the water in the cells is a distributer of energy since it is highly conductive, and so it helps to buffer the electrical system by holding the charge in the cells until the body can safely integrate it.

This is obviously a massive generalization since everybody carries and distributes energy in unique ways…and alot has to do with how much unresolved emocean we individually carry in our bodies…but there does seem to be a weight gain consensus among female body types whereas not so much with men.

As far as there being more women than men ascending first…well, my understanding is that the return of the divine feminine energy to the planet demanded it.  That those females…and males who identify more as females/carry more feminine energy…are the harbingers, the receivers of Mother God with the purpose of holding her in their actual bodies/cells until the planetary vibration lifted high enough to absorb the energy from our bodies.

Hopefully that means us (temporarily) chubby girls will finally get to drop the pregnancy weight!  I have been an athlete most my life so holding this extra weight for a decade is/was VERY challenging for me personally.  I am also not very tall, so 30lbs on my 5 foot 4 frame literally felt like carrying a child for 9 years.  I have lost a little since September, but still have a ways to go.

So those are my musings…hope they shed some light for you!

p.s. You ask: Any sense of anything I should do different besides eat what my body asks for???  My motto is always the same with the body…follow its desires and promptings implicitly. Our bodies are WAY wise than we are aware of at this point on our human journey. Also, if you have an open level of telepathic communication with your body elemental or body consciousness (aka, Cell Speak)…ask! Even if you are not conscious of it, you may be surprised what you “hear”.  Ask and you shall receive.

p.s. BTW, I am THRILLED to read that you can tolerate alcohol again! that has been one of my hopes/wishes since 2005, to be able to take even a sip of whiskey or saki again would be so exciting for me.  As my third eye complex began to activate, right when my telepathic gifts opened, even the smell of any alcohol would make me very dizzy and spaced out and even one drink would make me hung over as you say.  Yet, just the other day I accidentally drank 3 big gulps of a natural root beer, that I didn’t know had alcohol in it and i was SHOCKED that I didn’t spin off my axis.

Secretly I have been wondering if this was changing and if I may be returning to a place where I can enjoy some occasional spirits, so I am thinking that perhaps I willed this information forth from you 😀