Hi Teri, good questions…let me break it down for you:
-It looks as if each person’s question will be available to see and be answered by others…. even before you respond.  
Yes.  This is group growing environment whereby members have the ability to both teach and learn from each other, and with me at the helm. 
-So is it coaching ??? 
Yes, it is a form of coaching, tho I see it more as co-coaching…a platform that benefits from the insights of the entire group and not just my own.
-if so, how do you keep up with 50 people (example)or 200?
I will cross that bridge if/when I get to it.  For now I am facilitating the space/group discussion and answering questions with the help of community involvement/participation. 
If the demand becomes higher than I can handle, I will do one of two things: increase the price of Premier level membership accordingly…or keep the price-point and change the platform to allow other members to co-facilitate and answer questions as well. Like any new creation it will be a definite learn-as-we go process.
-Or is it more of a forum for conversation? 
No. This isn’t a forum and it is not about conversation.
Keep in mind that Premier Level constitutes roughly 10-15% of TWYH’s total membership base so this space serves less as an active forum and more as place to ask for personal guidance, primarily from me, but sometimes with input from others as well.
The Q&A platform is designed intentionally as a private “safe space” for members which means other premier level members will only know that a new question is posted here if they intentionally visit it.  Otherwise, there is very limited communication to the rest of the network.
My intention was to create an intimate environment where members feel comfortable to ask the questions you can’t ask elsewhere.
-Will this be the bulk of what the new site will be about?  
Just an added feature for members. The new TWYH is about community, creatorship & new LOVE-based leadership…the structure of which I designed to bridge my new level, post-ascension teachings.
I think I am still trying to discern the value of $15.00 vs $21.00 per month. Is it mostly direct access to you?   
In a limited way, yes. My one-on-one coaching/mentoring rates are/were upwards of $500/hour.  This is a designated space for casual & convenient, but restricted access to me, in an affordable/accessible way. 
Thanks for the stellar opportunity to clarify my intentions!