Hi Ansari, and of course its ok to ask that here…

So I just found my comment in response to your dream where I was told:  “as you open more to your divine nature you will realize that who you ARE, IS your achievement”

I rephrased it with “IS” because I think its more clear that way, but ultimately this means that as you merge deeper with your divinity, you will realize that who you ARE is enough...that the LOVE that you ARE and bring forth into the world is the absolute achievement, the summit of human potential.

This was in response to my sentence above that where I said: somewhere along the line you bought into a be-lie-f that you were less than and therefore not “worthy” of your spiritual achievements, etc.

I was being shown that you will organically lose connection with any feelings of unworthiness simply by continuing your faith in attainment until it becomes real, made manifest.  (And btw, ascension is not something we need to earn…it is our birthright.)

You say:

About the doubts and not worthy, I am very aware of these and constantly wondering if I am deluding myself by blindly believing that I am a part of this process.

But I would say that your doubts and feelings of unworthiness are deluding you into thinking you are NOT a part of this process.

The reality is that you would never be remotely interested in this space and/or this level of information about ascension unless you were part of the ascending collective.

That part isn’t my opinion, it’s the law of resonance in action.