Simply put..when the merge is complete between your sacred masculine and feminine energies.

This process is different for each us, based on our constitution and soul journey (karmic resolution) for this lifetime of all lifetimes…and we are all working in our own unique way to balance these energies.

For some, like meself, the complete merger represents the ability to live a physical life, in a physical body, in the physical world.  Because my feminine energy of BE is so overly developed, my journey has been about balancing out my inner masculine.  (ie, I can stay “connected” to my higher aspects 24/7, but can’t leave my house most times. 😯 )

But for many/most, the masculine energy of DO has taken the front seat via a life of “mental planning” and so the road leads in the opposite direction which means the journey is about balancing out the inner feminine to allow for the voice of the soul, higher self, and oversoul complex to be amplified and become loud enuf, consistently enuf, to live by.

The latter is an extensive unlearning/de-programming process which is why it takes so much time and unfurling to peel back the many layers of learned behaviors.  It is literally a process of releasing all the false constructs put in place by the mortal world, only to be replaced with the pure potentiality of Source.

The masculine/ego/left brain has an extremely difficult time surrendering to that uncertainty, for its propensity is to create structure…order out of chaos. But once you allow the (creat-ive) feminine to fully lead your life, the (creat-or) masculine can then follow behind to support and implement your authentic heart-centered nature, with absolute certainty and connection to your inner-author.

And this will be true for all those who ascend into unity consciousness, not just those more feminine-focused beings with developed clairs.  The way I tend to look at it is that some of us are ascending from the inside out, some are ascending from the outside in. Either way, we all eventually meet in the heart.

Once the merge is complete, and our LOVE is in first place, we are empowered fully from within. This is the space where all questions simply cease to exist.

Curiously, do you have an open line of communication with your higher aspects via meditation? I am hearing shaman…do you work with a shaman?

p.s. as I was signing off I heard that whatever it is you are struggling with letting go of, have no fear or trepidation.  That this whole new creative vision you are birthing for yourself has already been planned…by YOU.  The bigger you. That you are just going thru some sort of reorganization and the whole purpose is to let the feminine energy lead, to let the higher part of u in first place, and that your frustration with this non-connection to your true nature is exactly what this passage has been about for you…to “hook you up” to your full cosmic self.  Hope that has some relevance…