Ooouuu…how exciting for you!

With regard to calibration and the disconnections, that has a huge role to play. When we feel blocked from our creative power it’s usually related to an up leveling and reorientation to deeper truth. That said, the Pleiadians are asking that I make it clear that when you’re feeling those moments of disconnection that you’re not really “unplugged” from your divinity per se, but that you’re actually just reconnecting to the larger aspects of yourself in order to ground and integrate them into your physical world.

Those times can be grueling, I get it. It’s difficult not to squirm through those periods, yet we know we always come through the other side more expanded and connected with our true nature.

I can feel you emerging on the other side of that challenging phase, but even while u were in it, all was perfectly orchestrated…by you.

Aka, you’re doing perfect.