Hi Alisa, excited to have you a part of the co-coaching circle!

Keep in mind that Premier Level constitutes only about 10% of TWYH’s total membership so this space serves less as an active forum and more as place to ask for personal guidance, primarily from me, but sometimes with input from others as well.

The Q&A is designed intentionally as a private “safe space” for members which means other premier level members will only know that a new question is posted here if they intentionally visit it.  Otherwise, there is very limited communication to the rest of the network.

My intention was to create an intimate space so members feel comfortable to ask the hard questions you can’t ask elsewhere.

Hope this makes sense and that you are gaining from the interactions here.  We covered a lot of ground in the last couple years!

p.s. oh! and feel free to ask general questions such as this one in the site wide activity if you are looking for input from others.  That said, I have definitely felt some tingling and numbness along with heat in my left foot that I attribute to sole chakra openings from grounding. 🙂