Hi Thelma, the first word that came to me was simply “trust”.   The mind questions, the heart trusts so it’s easy to determine at all times where your energy is collecting.
Because it’s the thinking-mind’s job to “map out the heart’s coordinates”, it is always (by default) seeking answers & plans, even when neither are available to us. And I know that you are well aware that the mind can’t speak for the heart, but it’s going to keep trying long as you doubt your heart’s capacity to fully guide you.

But that’s exactly what you are being called to do because your heart already has your plan well worked out, and when the timing approaches you will know…without a shadow of a doubt…where you’re headed and why. And just like your dream showed you how effortless your coming together with your partner will be, so too will your move to your future home be effortless…in fact, I am get the feeling that these two things are interconnected.  

As far as creation goes, keep in mind that desire precedes physical manifestation...it’s actually the fuel that propels our creations into form (think sexual desire = pro-creation) and an indication that you are within vibrational reach of attaining it.
So if you have a desire, you have the ability to manifest that desire…for what else would be the point?!?  
You ask: “can our hearts desires be TOO FAR FETCHED?” …by which I would say that the only limitations we are bound by are those we abide by.

The mind will tell you all the reasons why your hearts desires are unattainable…until you turn the tables and begin to question your questions and challenge your mind with all the reasons why your hearts desires are NOT attainable?  ie..if you change the command, you change the results.

The heart is really so simple and clear…it always knows what it wants and why. We’ve been taught to not trust our feelings and required to make “logical decisions” our whole lives, but the truth of a LOVE-filled life is exactly the opposite…it’s one where we are only required to listen, honor & implicitly trust the voice of the heart (soul)…against all odds…and act on our feelings. Had we all done that up until now, our world would look ALOT different 😯
So I would say that you need to do more than just be-lie-ve what your heart feels, you need to live by it…unwaveringly.  
When you do, when you trust in the heart completely, the mind can finally rest in peace.  At that point, you won’t even have to try because life will come TO you…as if by magic.

“If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”― William Arthur Ward