This is beautiful Cindy: The universe is definitely conspiring to support me”…and so completely true.  

Our only requirement is to follow our heart, even when it takes us to places and situations we would rather not face.  But when we do, we are buoyed thru the discomfort and rewarded with opening to a deeper level of personal joy. 

And yes, your situation definitely sounds heartbreaking…both for you and your mum…but sometimes cracking the heart open is what’s called for, so LOVE can flow in those places where it was previously damned up.

To bring us back to a full circle moment:  in the end…and by your ability to LOVE yourself so fully and completely…you are in fact “supporting your mother thru the process” in that you are leading by example, mirroring a strength that both you and her possess, even if she is not open to seeing it.

There is no greater LOVE than that.

I commend you for your ultimate sacrifice for self LOVE.  Maybe not for the faint of heart, but certainly for the LIONHEARTED!

Wishing you all the joy that your new life (and cottage!) can bring you!