As I see it, you transcended your golden ‘child’ experience to become a golden God-dess.

And yes, family IS the greatest (read: most challenging) teacher…nothing will force you to LOVE yourself more than anything like family.

But in the end, it’s exactly like you say…“I can stop repeating this pattern by not sacrificing my own comfort and needs for others at my own expense”.

YES…you can!  And you are.

This really reads like a final initiation, Cindy…the BIG one…THE core wound that has directed your entire 3D life experience.

This is the crossroads that the Galactic Council spoke of in the last report:

But thru all of it, the unseens kept assuring me that we were grounding into a major earth-bound crossroads…put into place by the cosmic (grand) cross-roads reflected in the skies back in May…and that the intensified pressure we have been feeling the entire month of July was the actual pressure created/needed to outgrow and break free from our metamorphic cocoon.

As I see it, this is exactly what you are doing right now…both emotionally and physically… in that you are breaking free from an entire life-cycle of putting others before you as well as literally moving out of the cocoon/inititation/transformation space into your “own” space…YOUR cottage.

That external reflection of your new inner strength is real.  There may still be some waves to ride, and you may get dunked now and again…but for the most part, you are home free.  At the very least, you are on the home stretch now…

You are SO much stronger than you think you are. (you said it yourself!)

p.s. also just remembered that now that mars is out of of libra, we are having to make major changes spawned from that nearly 8 month journey where we all faced the “the mirrored self” and saw our reflection so clearly in the face of our relationships:

…and if you did the grueling 7+ months of (Mars thru Libra) inner-work (read: consciously witnessed and LOVEd yourself thru all your relationship-to-self discomfort)…I am hearing that a bestowal of blessings is on tap for the lion-hearted.