Hi George,

First of all, how exciting for you! Sounds like an incredible adventure awaits…

If I understand correctly, you are contending with how to create a 5th dimensional experience within a 3d dimensional construct?

You say: I am feeling a little overwhelmed with things and preparations & all else that is happening & not wanting to over research but also feel some desire/pull/need to “research connections” & don’t want to neglect whatever preparations are appropriate.

My interpretation may be oversimplified, but I think its both those things, in balance.

I would urge you to research until your hearts content…to make as many connections and plans as possible to help put your mind at peace with feeling prepared, and then once you arrive and settle into your new space, simply stay open to allow for the spontaneity of spirit to enter into your experiences and guide you.

The truth is, it will anyway.  There is no amount of planning possible that could interrupt what’s divinely ordered, so I wouldn’t overthink it. We may delay divinity, but we cannot avoid it.  You can make some very concrete arrangements that could change on a dime if a higher, more aligned circumstance presented itself.  But maybe the arrangements themselves are the higher, more aligned circumstance. Explore it all!  thats the fun of being human.

There may be something bigger calling you to research, something that is important for you to “know” ahead of time…so I say: let yourself be led by your curiosity…follow your instincts…acknowledge everything that presents itself to you…open to what you feel called to learn.  Plan till your heart’s content. Then let go of all attachments to how these things will play out and simply hold the options in your head, your intentions in your heart…and I assure you, all that you need will come rushing to meet you.

Consider too, if it helps, that your trip is already complete on some level…if you look at it this way, you are not really planning per se, but more seeking out the hints, the details, the necessary facts, following the breadcrumb trail to your future timeline.  Perhaps you could practice peering into that timeline within yourSelf…tapping into the event as tho it has already happened which would release overwhelm and move you into the flow of trusting and allowing the process to unfold more effortlessly for you.

If all divinely inspired opportunities are magnetized, then your human job is merely to collect the pieces as they arrive and unfold in the 3d dimension, and put them into a cohesive puzzle. One the puzzle has formed a clear picture, act.  When each step you take literally appears AS you are taking it, you are solidly in the flow…this is your sweet spot, where all the magic of the universe is an inseparable part of your every move.

Lastly…trust in trust.

You may arrive in Laos and realize that you are there for something you never even considered or imagined.  It may be nothing your thinking, or it may be everything. Either way, you can’t mess it up. Trust that too.

Hope this helps…♡