A new “rule” for 2015- when you don’t know what to do, meditate, love self, Trust self and align personal energy field with crystalline grid of earth.

LOVE this! ⬆︎

“Conscious creation is highly Magnetic”- thanks I understand that as existing in a field of love as opposed to a directed force towards a specific predetermined outcome?? is that correct?

You could say that.  Though I would take it one step further and say that unity creation is a feminine dominant dynamic, one in which we lead with our BEing…ie, our feminine energy, by its very nature, is magnetic.

So can you clarify if and how magnetics are different in the new crystalline order (Aquarian Age) or is it that now we have magnetic and crystalline “tools”.

The latter is closer to truth as I see it.  If it helps, think of our ascension into homo luminous beings as an “added layer” (more aptly an overlay) to our already existing nature. Nothing gets taken away from us, only added.

Keep in mind that electric/force (male) and magnetic/attraction (female) are the two opposing forces of polarity needed in the physical world to create matter. These polarities are what we work with at the physical level, even as we evolve to work with the more subtle subatomic/adamantine levels, polarity is what makes the physical existence possible.  That said, we are just at the very beginning of learning to understand how all this will unfold…from what I gather, we have A LOT yet to remember.

your authentic state of BEing and interaction with world” so what I am getting here is importance of state of BEING while in interaction with the 3D world. Not enough to be off in some isolated, mystic authentic state of being, has to be authentic while in the world of consensual reality. Is that it?

Well, in the sense that you wish to create IN the world, yes.  But what i meant by that mostly is that you have to remain authentic to who you are, to your desires, and not be swayed by outside influences in your creating.  Creating in unity is really remembering…your OWN plan.  That requires constant, unwavering Self focus.

“Comfort with discomfort”- I take that as what the alchemists would refer to as that magic only happens in the atmosphere of vulnerability, ie. taking a risk & not knowing what is going to happen. Would you agree?? I also call it grounded in groundlessness. Is that it?

That works…my version would be: remaining present to the discomfort of uncertainty with the comfort & certainty that you can’t mess this up…that there is a higher plan in place supporting your every desire  and action.

There is an unquestioned knowing of what to do without “figuring it out”. So I see this as “steps come organically TO you, its time to act.” as well as when the steps come from “outside of me” (I know there is no “outside of me”, but I don’t know how else to communicate this.) Does this sound on?

Yes, of course!  When things start lining up for you, whether that be internally (idea, vision, concept, inspiration, etc.) or externally (pieces to your puzzle that seem to come from outside of self) it’s time to take action.  This is what I mean by magnetism…when you start drawing on your inner resources (LOVE) to create, you being to magnetize the external pieces TO you…ie, money, the right relationships & connections, the tools, the right information, etc.

Just follow what feels good like a breadcrumb trail to each puzzle piece you placed before your descension into time and space. Eventually, all those tiny and seemingly unrelated pieces will reveal your cohesive whole creation.