Hey George…

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

A few things…

First this stood to me as the closest to truth for you at the moment…

Or is it “consistent focus” on myself as a Creator God (being aware of my state of consciousness and staying in the Creator-God BEING state) as opposed to focus on the Intention itself??

Tho I will take that one step further and say that in holographic creation, the only focus required is that of Self.

When your focus is 100% on your authentic Self, your authentic desires, your authentic state of BEing and interaction with world, you are in alignment with Source and all the pieces will be drawn TO you, as if by magic. Very little effort is required at the point you are operating from your fully aligned GOD power.

Ultimately, to be aware of the true YOU IS the creator GOD state of BEing because you are GOD….do you see?

If you stay focused on the LOVE that you intrinsically are, then you will have no questions…about anything…because the heart is all-knowing, connected to the full truth of who you are, and so by it’s very nature rests in peace and trust of the unknown.

The mind…not so much.  All questions are born of the thinking mind wanting to know the unknown…the unknowable.  If you are questioning, you are a-head of yourself…in the future, and not fully accepting the presence of WHAT IS your now moment.

And herein lies the root of “operational focus” as you call it…for true focus can only be cultivated from presence, from a sense of comfort with being uncomfortable…with being fully accepting of the unknown. The mind begs to wander into the future and “make plans” but those are rarely, if ever, authentic to true, spontaneous creation.

So here’s the thing, and I will make this super easy for you:  That which you authentically desire to create, has already been created….by you.

Here’s what I mean…by 5th dimensional standards, everything already IS.  All potential reality programs already exist, in their complete form.  Your job, as a co-creator of divinity, is to simply ground that completed creation into physical form, piece by piece, in full cooperation with the laws of 3d dimensional time and space.

Understanding this…that everything that ever was or will be is ALREADY created…brings great relief in knowing that you have very little to do other than be the midwife between heaven and earth…to usher that which you’ve already created for yourself, into the world.

And here’s the better news…whatever your heart is desiring is fully active in your vibration which means it is ready for conceptualization, and eventually implementation.

Where it gets tricky is in realizing that you are the one who has to remember your divine plan in order to birth it!

In the nutshell:

1-Relax into the knowing that if you have a desire for a creation, that already completed creation is returning to you because the time has come to take steps toward it’s manifestation….that which is nothing more or less than facilitating your divinely created blueprint into physical form.

2-Conscious creation is highly magnetic, force does not work in the unified realms….ie, there is little to DO other than BE.  In each moment, your job is to remain authentic to the God in you…if you stay more focused on YOU than what you are creating (which is an externalization of focus) each step will appear before you in perfect timing with the divine plan.

When the steps come organically TO you, its time to act.  If nothing appears, it is simply not time to act…incidentally, this is when we have the tendency to try to “plan” things from our head…in which case you must willfully and consciously surrender to the stillness.  (And btw, the stillness is a vital aspect of creation…it is where we go to remember “the plan”. When things are not moving its usually because there is a piece of the plan that we still need in order to move forward again.)

3-As always, stay riveted to your HEART for guidance.  When your mind becomes overactive, look for areas of avoidance…ie, where are you resisting discomfort?  Seek out the discomfort…surrender to it…welcome it…become it…live it…LOVE it.

When you are just as comfortable in discomfort as you are in comfort, you are free…to create.

Hope this helps!