Hi Thelma,

My honest feeling is that you are right in the pocket here…that there is nothing to do or clear…that these reflections of your old persona are presenting themselves to you simply so you can see your new/true Self more clearly.

A very large cycle is coming to completion, and that always means “mastery tests”.

In the past when we would see these glimpses of our shadow side, we may have felt triggered or reacted by either withdrawing or lashing out…but after all the clearing, we get to a place where we are able to simply stand in the resonance of our truth and observe ourselves in relationship to others.

This is key…if you are at a place where you are able to see your past self clearly, with emotional detachment (even appreciation), you are golden.

That non-resistance is the result of great inner work, so congratulations!

You very likely set these tests up for yourself just prior to the 11:11 doorway, the mirrored corridor.