Hi Amy, these questions make my heart sing!

First and foremost, to make any decision about moving forward always requires that you first check in with your heart.
If expanding online feels good, engages or incites your passion, then you have the only answer you need.

As far as Karen’s assessment about more face to face involvement…I think this is highly independent based on personal circumstances.  My first thought is that true heart to heart connections are not limited or constrained to time, space or the physical world.  I also think that the internet is a NECESSARY tool in this age to live in real financial freedom…which to me is nothing more or less than having the financial means to be, do and have exactly what you desire, when you desire it.

It’s likely that Karen’s negative online experiences are playing a part in her assessment because I don’t see her statement as being a blanketed truth. In fact, the opposite is likely closer to “truth” in that we will be getting even MORE technological in the coming years, according to my Sources anyway.

I was made aware that the more conscious & LOVE filled we become as a species, the more advanced our technology would become which would yield closer, more vibrationally matched connections…that the internet was just a collective reflection/projection of our rising unity consciousness, a physical realization that we are all, quite literally, connected.

As far as bringing your focus more online, and from experience, I can’t recommend a better avenue to increase your prosperity in a way that supports you to live in LOVE.  I personally see the online world as a platform for a more 5th dimensional expression of business, as opposed to third dimensional, bricks and mortar type businesses which are more cumbersome.

There is just so much freedom in (semi-passively) attracting your abundance TO you as opposed to efforting outward…in fact, this is the whole point of a LOVE based leadership and even conscious business…it’s flipping the energy from electric (repulsion) to magnetic (attraction) so that you, providing you with the ability, resources & sustenance to live exactly the life you envision for yourself.

This begins with putting yourself and your desires in first place…because the holographic truth is that there is no one but you in your world anyway… and designing your income creation around YOU, not what you DO.

If you have a plan to build your wealth online then anything you physically DO in the (3D) world/locally becomes just a bonus…meaning, you release your financial dependence upon it which frees you and your youniverse to really play with magic, to be present and enjoy the physical expression of your purpose.

In 3D “business” we are really taught to do the opposite, to create the physical structure (output) and then draw the income (input).  This is not how it works in 5D where we are living, being and DOing our divinity.

DOing your divinity means putting stock in the feminine energy first…allowing versus procuring.  And this is important because true prosperity is not about output, it’s about input...if you’ve been outputting first, you have to reverse the flow in order to flourish in these higher energies.

The best way I know of to do that, to create a structure that will magnetize your people (& money) TO you, is via the online world where literally the whole planet has access to your unique resonance.

Another bonus to attracting abundance online is that energy moves MUCH faster on the web than the physical world, and if there is one thing I have learned about money, is that it likes to move FAST.  In the physical world, with the density of physical events and structures, often times the money (input) is not commensurate with the work (output). There’s just too much of an investment of energy and resources (output) to really get the flow of money consistently rolling in (input).

In the online (virtual) world, things are so much faster, more fluid and flexible which is way more commensurate with the energy of the 5th dimension where ideas and creativity move, change and evolve quickly. Add to that a limitless reach and its just a no brainer.

Hopefully I addressed your question!

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