Hi Lis, your question is timely as creation is exactly what I am immersed in at the moment with the new course.  That said, there is a lot of new information coming thru on the new mechanics that I am still working to ground into a tangible understanding…much of which I think will reveal itself during Mercury’s upcoming retrograde…so I need some time/space to bring it thru and iron it all out.

In the meantime, you ask:  how are you now ‘framing’ your intent?  Do you focus on details or the over-all ‘feeling/experience?’

What I can say so far is that as I become more multidimensional my perspective on intent is changing from “what I would like to experience”, to what I have already created for myself, long before I arrived here.

Understanding the holographic model for existence has coaxed me in a new direction with regard to “remembering” my soul’s blueprint, being present to its divine timing, and then ushering it’s physical manifestation into form.  (I talk about this in the course)

The 3D to 5D shift in perspective…from ‘knowing what I want’ to remembering what I created…has helped me to surrender so deeply to the process that I can now allow the moment to moment unfolding in all it’s perfection with patience and enjoyment at every level.  This wasn’t so possible for me in the past.

The greatest example I can think to give is my home renovation.  The project is massive, involves so many facets of change, so many interconnected components that it can be consuming, so I have no choice but to remain present to the day-to-day unfolding because if I look too far ahead I get overwhelmed.

The process started with a simple but palpable desire for more and better….more space, better function, beauty and design.  This “desire” phase I look at as the antecedent to concept-ion…the organic rising of raw (soul inspired) feeling that initiates the parts, the bringing together of female (concept) and male (implementation) energy required for physical creation.

Once our creation was ‘conceived’, the visions of what was already created (outside of time and space)…what we on earth perceive as our “future”…started to descend upon us. As the visions arrived and we started to get familiar with the ‘future’ of what was to be, we immersed ourselves in the energy OF it which began attracting the right people, products, money and circumstances to apply the “parts”….in perfect timing and succession.  Not my ego’s idea of perfect timing…which would have had this done 3 years ago…but in actual universal timing.

So in terms of the lower versus higher mind, here’s how I see it:

Universal/true creation (that which has never been created before) has it’s own timeline and the job of the higher mind is to oversee production according to divine timing….to observe and honor when the universal tide is ebbing and flowing in support of the manifestation of said creation, and also to ensure that the lower mind does not intercede and override those vital aspects.

The higher mind is an overlay as I see it…a governing intelligence that trusts implicitly because it is connected to the divine plan.  When the higher mind is fully in command of our life it enables each day to unfold “in memory of” it’s full potential…of what was already created for that day…in lieu of willing the day from a place of ego-desire, of what the lower mind “wants to accomplish”.

It’s a bit of a brain-bender, one I am still working to get my own mind around, but again I will be attempting to hash it out in the course which should be open for enrollment by the end of the week.

I am not sure if I answered your question exactly, but hopefully this at least gives you some understanding and perspective!