Hi Marie,

First of all, please don’t ever feel greedy to ask questions…this is what this space is for!…and I am more than happy to help where I can.

That said, and with regard to my own tooth…mine too is a molar and one that already has a fairly large mercury filling in it, so I was pretty close to terrified when a large chunk sheared off from another separate cavity in the same tooth ūüėĮ ¬†(with regard to mercury, I have been taking bentonite clay and psyllium husk daily since 2002 to detoxify from any heavy metal buildup in my tissues from fillings and foods, but when my tooth cracked, to be extra cautious, I immediately swished 3 times a day with liquid clay and spit it out in the event that a portion of the filling¬†loosened or broke off.)

Then I¬†purchase the Cure Tooth Decay ebook¬†to quickly steer my thoughts and focus my mind on the fact that healing it myself was actually possible…I mean afterall, our bones can heal and regrow, so why not teeth I thought? ¬†That book not only helped, I only read the first couple of chapters and was golden.

In it¬†they did a lot of studies on indigenous cultures with way better teeth than westerners and found that it was due to the amount¬†of high animal fats in their unprocessed diets…like non pasteurized milks and cultured butters, etc. Apparently these high fats lends to strong teeth and bones I imagine due to the calcium absorption. After reading that I¬†started eating a ton of irish kerrygold butter.
They also mentioned in the book that¬†Green Pasture made a butter oil/fermented cod liver oil blend that healed¬†and restored teeth so I ordered it right away. ¬†Its a little expensive…I buy mine from HERE…but I am lazy when it comes to eating well so pill form was the¬†perfect investment for me. ¬†At the very least I figured it was way cheaper (not to mention more comfortable) than any dental work.

Literally, on the second or third day of taking 4 capsules a night I noticed that all the sensitivity in my teeth had subsided.  I still take 4 a day and I eat whatever I want with no issues, tho ultimately my intention is to grow the tooth back.
I’ve done a bit of research on the topic and found that there are Buddhist monks who have grown back full¬†sets of teeth in their 80’s which gave me great hope, so my be all end all is to remineralizing my teeth with consciousness…but until my DNA fully operates on that level, I am supplementing my diet with nutrition.

Lastly, I also oil pull once a day with raw sesame oil…I have done this off and on for many years to whiten teeth, detoxify organs and keep my gums healthy, but after my tooth broke from the cavity, I recommitted myself to a daily practice. ¬†That’s my “physical effort” part…in addition to the occasional water pik ūüėÄ

So that…in addition to LOVE Breath¬†visualizations…is my “tooth healing plan” until my body can do it on its on.
Hope this helps!