How does it feel as our “inner sun” expands, do we just feel Lighter?

We feel more empowered from within to take command of our lives and create our dreams in the world.  It is a balanced masculine feeling of inner authority…of certainty, confidence and unstoppability. It’s knowing your value and not allowing others to infringe upon it.  It is an energy that sets clear boundaries and commands the full force of the universe to follow.

In fact, this section in the last report applies here:

“Getting ahead of the energy is commanding the force of the universe from a place of empowered (inner) authority
-It’s moving into complete alignment with your (higher) Self as GOD.
-It’s enacting your right AS God to mandate your will AS divine will.
It’s dictating the creative force and not letting it dictate you.
It’s trusting implicitly in your plexus, allowing your gut to guide you.
-It’s acting on your instincts because they are honed and sharpened.
-It’s moving in order to be moved…commanding with conviction that the forces follow.
More than anything, it’s an authentic, full-body confidence…not something that can be faked as felt.
Lastly, creator power is not something that can be “contemplated”…it’s a burning fire in the belly fueled by the light of a thousands suns…a fierceness felt so deeply that it nearly applies itself.  It resounds like a lion’s roar, absolutely demanding its rightful place as king of its kingdom.”


Is there anything we can do to help the process of embodying more of our Soul power?

The Pleiadians recommend “focused meditation on the soular plexus/inner sun”.
They say to command the golden frequencies to assist you here, to ignite your inner sun in order to harness your creator (God) power.  Also, fire ritual…even focusing on a candle flame in meditation can bring this energy to the forefront and begin to enhance your masculine power.

“This is a very masculine energy, strong and powerful, but subservient to the female forces that govern it.  It is to be respected, but never feared, for those of pure heart could never abuse this power.” -PHC


How do we know when we reach “ignition” and the merger of soular plexus/heart center is complete? Do we feel this?

You will know by your confidence and fortified strength in creation.

You will feel surges of creative, empowered energy moving you into decisive, yet spontaneous action…saying the right thing at the right time, making clear conscious choices without thought, creating unspoken boundaries where needed…others will respond to you differently as well.  People will suddenly treat you with more respect, they will honor your voice and feelings in more obvious ways…you will begin to feel life rise up to meet you, supported on all levels.

You will also notice that you are attracting new and different people and experiences that are more aligned with your inner authority.  People who truly SEE you and can relate to you in new ways.

If it helps, think of the energy and attributes of a lion…regal, powerful, stealth, beautiful, strong, proud, majestic, poised.  There is good reason the lion is King…because he commands leadership & authority in his presence.  That is what the creator GOD energy feels like…like nothing will stand in it’s way.  (ie, the solar plexus is governed by Leo and the element of fire)


Hope that clarifies things…