Hi Thelma,

Here’s some excerpts I found from my past articles that should be helpful:

I recently wrote a blog article in the TWYH community entitled Awakening of the Inner Sun in which I talked about the sudden awareness of a very large sun in my plexus.

What I learned was that this inner-(sun)-light that I was intuiting is the actual radiance of our soul….that our soul-self is embodied as physical light within the human form and the soular plexus is the sacred chamber, or seat of our soul’s intentions with the specific job of seeing to it that those intentions are made manifest in the physical world.

We are literally becoming self-sustaining soular-systems…meaning, when our hearts are whole and open we are able to radiate our own personal (sun)light so that all the elements of our lives revolve around us in orbit, nourished and sustained by the sacred and YOUnique (LOVE) radiance of our own (self)central suns.


This tiny, yet increasing (God) spark of solar fire is the divine masculine-focused power of (physical) creation swellingwithin us…a sacred energy spawned from our merging monad that opens our access to the memory of Home, of God-sovereignty…that which translates into our unmistakable inner-authority that we are now able to more firmly tap into.

In talking with the council again, they reaffirm that the inner sun is connected to our ability to make the unmanifest, manifest…that it “ignites” when we reach a high enuf LOVE quotient and soular plexus merges with our heart center so that we become physically embodied GODs…fully empowered by LOVE to create with divinity in the physical world.

We would say that the inner sun is the way station between the formless and form…the space by which you are able to turn water into wine as it were.

The inner sun is the powerpoint of our incarnated Self…it is the energy center in which our masculine GOD power merges with our physicality to infuse the light from our soul Self…what the PHC call the merger point between your physical and nonphysical GOD Self.

The inner sun governs the creator GOD potential in each human and enables divine creation to manifest in physical form.


The soular light body on the other hand is described to me as our “authentic self”…our light-body presence that exists beyond time and space.  This is the part of us that transcends the density of form, but also gives structure to our physical body….it is the “map” lets say, that our incarnation experience is based off of.

This is also what we would call your “original divine blueprint of perfection”…that which many of you are now merging with, infusing in physicality.


The difference between the soular christ body and the inner sun is the difference between manifest and unmanifest.  As I understand it, the soular light-body (our divine perfected Self) is made manifest via the inner sun, in physical form.

We would say that when the inner sun is ignited, the soular christ body is permitted to manifest in form.

Hope this helps!