Hi Angel,
I have struggled with that question many times myself…and as simple as it sounds, it’s also very complex.

But what I have come to understand over many years of frustration is that “divine timing” is really about alignment...it’s about managing and ultimately closing the gap between your personal energy (vibration) and the energy (vibration) of what you desire.

This must be why “patience is such a virtue” because it takes so much of it to raise our frequency to match the life we deeply want to live.

It also makes me think of the innate differences between the role of the ego and the soul in that the ego’s purpose is to remain focused in individuality/separation and the time/space structure of our 3D world…whereas our soul’s focus is intricately and harmoniously aligned with the ONEness, with the unity and connectivity of all things.

In other words, our soul considers the whole picture and understands/surrenders to the nature of the cycles of manifestation and all the connections needed to materialize a desire in the physical world.

The lower, unactualized ego does not want to abide by this mechanistic & cyclical nature of creation (divine timing) because it senses…and ultimately fears…that it’s “without”, whereas the soul is always at peace knowing that it is never without, that all we desire is contained within us already but that it’s our job to come into vibrational alignment with those desires (read: heal the separation) in order to attain them.  Its bait!

Until the merge between the two is complete…ie, ascension/descension…there is a constant tug of war between the ego’s personal will and the will of our inner God.

Once we transcend duality/separation, however, the union of ego/soul begins to work together harmoniously, as a co-creative team in perfected balance.  This is when we become the true creators of our reality…when life rewards us with an effortless flow of continuity in creation, where we are consciously living the dream not just dreaming to live.
But not a minute sooner.