Hi Astara, I hope you’re beginning to feel better by now…your body is speaking very loudly!

What really stuck out for me was the reference to your weight gain…in addition to the poison ivy reaction…because weight gain is usually a solid indication of one of two things:

  1.  that the body is bringing up some deep/dense emotional issues to review…and/or
  2.  that the body is trying to protect you from a perceived external/emotional threat

Metaphysically, poison ivy/oak reactions speak to feelings of “defenselessness/vulnerability” and weight gain is a common physical expression of emotional insecurity…ie, a need for a thick layer of (emotional) protection.

So the connection I want to make is between those two things and your partner, since he was the one who “introduced to you the poison“.

Because you are so sensitive and because this process is so intimately interwoven with your partner, have you considered the possibility of surfacing fears around emotional intimacy…ie, feeling safe to love/be loved, letting someone in at those vulnerable/soul-baring levels.

Or maybe your body is communicating to you a need for defense…that it is not (yet) safe to let your partner in on those deep levels yet, that perhaps you/or he/or likely you both have some personal excavation work to do before the rewards of deeper union/emotional intimacy?

Food for thought.

You ask: Do you have any guidance about the latest on physicalizing 5D?

With regard to embodiment…realize that the physical body (which is 70% water/emotion) is just a denser version of the emotional body, so as the soul enters the vessel at these very dense levels, it must be cleared of all cellular memory imprints that you may or may not know are even there.  The flesh is a receptacle of memory, it holds onto impressions very easily, from early on in life especially when we are defenseless and impressionable in our youth.

Whatever this is is absolutely demanding your attention, so when your body communicates that loudly, your job is to listen up…acknowledge the voice of your soul which is crying out to you in a way it is not being heard in this way until now.

Once you honor the message fully, abide by the intuitive guidance being offered, you will be permitted to effortlessly love yourself back together.

I hope something I’ve said eases the strain…