Hi Aj, this is all so fantastic! LOVE the breakthrus and insights you are having.

As for your physical ails…you are on track here as well: ” I am focusing on bringing in as much light as possible in order to raise the vibration of my energy system so that this disease and its co-parasites cannot live in my body.”  

That is all that is required of you….to LOVE yourself back together, back to the wholeness of who you are in truth so you are no longer a vibrational match to any dis-ease.  You have to be BIGGER than your body to take command of it…and it sounds like you are doing swimmingly in this regard.

Transcending the mortal body is a constant act of refocusing on the im-mortal body…knowing that the blueprint of the latter contains the instructions needed for resurrection. You have the power inherent within your DNA to restore, rejuvenate, replenish & ultimately resurrect your body. To activate that power requires that you bring your entire lower body system (mental, emotional & physical) into alignment, into harmony with the resonance of your soul….to align all aspects of (lower) you with (higher/christed) YOU.

Since the physical body is the densest it acts as a repository for all unresolved issues until we tend to them…in other words, the physical layer is just a (holographic) reflection of our mental and emotional state of being.  As you heal/whole the more refined layers of your being, the physical body has no choice then but to (eventually) reflect that state of whole.

The trauma earlier in your life may have certainly severed you from the earth, from feeling safe enuf to enter into the lower world which can also cause lower body ails…but it feels to me that you are being asked to return to these unresolved places within you now, from a much higher place of empowered enlightenment.

As you do this, as you reclaim any lost parts of self and gain the courage to ground fully into your body and earth, so too will you illuminate and restore your physical vessel to its perfection.

Keep up the exemplary work!