Hi AJ, with regard to the golden and white light…how amazing that you are tuning in so powerfully to the diamond-golden frequency that is now pervading everything!

These christ-frequencies contain both gold and diamond white light, which is likely why you are downloading both.

The Pleiadians explain that there is both a crystal energy field as well as a golden (solar) energy field, and both are actively intertwined for the complete crystalline-human (homo-luminous) biology and solar (creator) God experience.

In other words, the new human biology…the operating system,as it were…is made of crystalline-core DNA which is fueled by so(u)lar light.  As our cells change from an organic (carbon) structure to a crystal structure, we become like a prism through which the purest divine light can pass thru for our illumination.  Our crystalline cells can then convert so(u)lar energy into kinetic energy that literally “powers” our form.

Furthermore, it is being shown to me that all light bodies are merging and activating themselves at this time, building a flowing diamond-gold torus that literally enables us to “breathe the light of christ”…this golden torus creates the portal to the Golden Age.

So to confirm, no you are definitely NOT crazy…contrary to that, you are merging with your Christ Avatar Self…the resurrected and ascended Self!

re food…that one is simple: Eat what you feel!

I rarely give food any thought because it is relatively inconsequential in the scheme of things.  That said, building the lightbody does definitely require an enormous amount of fuel and triple the amount of protein, so it is important that you follow what your body is saying and not your head…ie, disregard all sources outside of Self.

When downloading high frequencies, the body will tend to require constant nourishment…it is important that you honor it implicitly.  For example, during some intensive periods of photonic bombardment I find that my body will demand food (especially animal protein) every 2-3 hours…sometimes to the point that it will wake me up in the middle of the night.  It is truly exhausting to constantly feed it but I never ignore my body’s desires because I know it can dangerous to ground such high voltages if the body’s voice is stifled.

Case in point… I had a client years ago who was a vegan and as the energies increased on the planet, she started bleeding heavily for weeks on end to the point that she became highly anemic.  When I tuned into her cells, her body consciousness told me that it needed not only protein, but the grounded frequencies inherent in earth…ie, animal proteins.

She resisted her body’s plea in favor of some ‘mental constructs’ she was honoring and ended up in the hospital by which the doctors told her that her body was severely depleted of iron.  She finally decided to include some fish in her diet and the change was evident…so she moved into white meat and eventually started eating red meat.  Her body completely balanced out and she stabilized…and was forced to transcend judgement around what her body needed in order to ensoul.

So here’s my own general rule of thumb: have no rules

If you are called to vegetables, eat them.  If you are called to red meat, surrender.  If you are called to junk food, indulge.  Experiment with what you enjoy eating and be adventurous in trying new things if you are called to. What you LOVE to eat is far more nourishing than any standard around “health food” could ever be so trust, trust, trust in LOVE.  Our bodies are way wiser than our thinking brains and trusting them to run the show, to keep our bio-chemistry in balance, is absolutely the name of this descension game.

All the rest of it…including the raw food craze…just brain fodder. I assure you that you will not ascend any faster as a vegan. 😯

Realize too that food, like everything else, is vibrational so it’s ultimately all about resonance.  When our bodies are resonating at high frequencies, we will desire high frequency nutrition…like sunlight!…and at that point, the whole concept of eating will dramatically shift.

The point is to simply, but attentively, stay in tune with what your body is asking for and ignore all the rest.

Hope this helps!